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Help Students Find Their Textbooks Easily

The bulk of a campus bookstores' interaction with students happens at the start of a new semester. Students need new books for new classes, after all. How do you currently provide students with their textbooks? Do you have shelves divided off by department? Do you help each student individually find their books?

What if I told you there was an easier way to provide students with the location of the books they need instead of roaming through the stacks?

Use personalized messages

Marketing automation can help you provide the right books to the right students. If you provide students with the option to sign up for personalized messages you can send them the books and resources they need for each of their classes.

Engage your students by letting them opt in for this service by SMS message or by filling out a form on your website.

Once students sign up, have them fill out a survey about the classes they are taking. This information will help you automatically personalize the message each student receives about the location of their books.

Now, a week before the new term, send the message to all students that want to know where to find their books. Based on the classes provided, you can give them a list of the books they need and where to find them in the bookstore. When students arrive at the bookstore they know exactly where to go. This saves time for both the students and your staff.

Want to try it out?

This kind of personalization boosts engagement with students and will have them returning to the bookstore semester-round for items such as school supplies, school swag, and books for recreational reading, instead of just once a semester for their textbooks. Having students opt in for messages at the start of each semester also enables you to build a database of contact information that can be used to market bookstore items semester-round.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial of SimplyCast 360 and see how marketing automation can make book-buying a breeze for your students.


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