SimplyCast Highlight: Instant Teleconference

SimplyCast Highlight: Instant Teleconference

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Instant Teleconference

From daily strategy calls to emergency meetings, teleconference calls are a mainstay in the daily routine of many offices and business organizations. Generally during these calls, all participants must dial in to a pre-designated conference number at a specific time and wait for everyone to connect before the meeting can begin.

Oftentimes, valuable minutes are lost in this initiation process, perhaps spent trying to get a hold of people who may have forgotten about the call or trying to determine the source of the excess background noise. Especially during a time-sensitive emergency situation, you would like to ensure that all communication with the necessary stakeholders is as efficient as possible, which means you need a teleconference service that can help you minimize the time both in planning and initiating the conference call.

SimplyCast's new Instant Teleconference application has a way to help you do just that.

With its unique dial-out feature, Instant Teleconference allows the conference manager to schedule teleconference calls and have the system automatically dial out to the required participants rather than them dialing in to the conference, thus already reducing the amount of time spent trying to reach those callers who may have misplaced the dial-in information.

With the ability to send out teleconference invitations and reminders, Instant Teleconference helps you ensure that all participants are aware of the call and have access to a phone or mobile device. Invitations are sent out to participants immediately when the conference is scheduled and reminders can be sent up to a minute before the conference is scheduled to begin.

Once all teleconference participants have made it onto the call, the conference manager (or host) is able to monitor the call through an interactive page in the SimplyCast application. From this page, the host can mute all participants at once except him or herself, record portions of the conference for later replay, as well as add and remove participants to and from the call as necessary.

When muted, participants are able to digitally "raise their hand" if they would like to speak or ask a question on the call and the conference host will see a hand symbol appear next to the individual's name on the monitoring page in the application. The host can then choose to unmute that particular participant and allow them the chance to speak. This handy feature helps to keep the conference running smoothly and keep it on track so that the least amount of time possible is wasted.

Once the teleconference has reached its conclusion, the host is able to disconnect all participants at once by clicking a button on the monitoring page. A record of the call and all the participants will be saved in SimplyCast's reporting interface for future analysis if desired.

Instant Teleconference presents a new way to hold and manage your organizations' teleconference calls. However, for those who prefer to continue with the traditional method of having participants call into a pre-defined conference line, the system is able to accommodate this capability as well. As part of SimplyCast's EmergHub suite of tools, this new feature is geared as being particularly useful in emergency situations where all emergency stakeholders must be brought together on a call as soon as possible.

If you would like to learn more about SimplyCast's new Instant Teleconference feature as well as the rest of modules available on our new platform, visit the EmergHub website, or click the button below to request a demo!

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