New Hospitality Business Tools and Techniques

New Hospitality Business Tools and Techniques

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New Hospitality Business Tools

 Your hospitality marketing strategy could use an update. Many hospitality businesses are not yet taking advantage of new marketing tools. These hospitality business tools enable you to create convenient, personalized, compelling campaigns for each customer and lead. Here are some tips to help you keep your hospitality marketing up to date and effective. These new marketing tools and techniques will help you connect with more customers and increase revenue.

Push Reservations Through Email and Text Message

Making reservations online is easy and convenient. To attract more guests during a slow time of the season and make more sales on a regular basis, send out an email newsletter or a text message promotion. Include a discount or coupon code and a "Reserve Now" button. This message gives the recipient an incentive to book their room right away and provides them with an easy way to do it.

Cut Costs with an All-in-One Marketing Solution

Email is not enough for a complete hospitality marketing strategy anymore. It is important to have a strong brand presence on multiple channels. But marketing over many different channels is expensive. To lower your costs while still maintaining a comprehensive marketing reach, you need to use an all-in-one marketing solution. These include a variety of marketing channels but you only pay for one solution so you save money.

Offer Automated Reservation Reminders

Text message marketing is a popular trend. It is highly convenient for customers, which makes it one of the best hospitality business tools you can utilize. Enable customers to sign up for text message reminders as their reservation date approaches. These could be a text message or email reminders, but a text message is often preferred as it is quick and convenient.

Make these reminders exciting and informative. You only have 160 characters to work within a text message. "Your reservation is only two weeks away, on April 15! Lay out any important items like passport and medications so you will remember to pack them in."

Use Big Data to Your Advantage

When you use an automated marketing solution, it collects data from everything that happens. You will learn how many people opened your messages, who viewed which web pages, which customers take a vacation at what times of the year and much more. All this information is all automatically compiled. Use this data to reach out to customers with personalized campaigns. Send customers automatically personalized messages to boost their interest rate and make them more likely to open messages, make reservations and spend more money.

Try Automated Hospitality Business Tools for Free

Sign up for a free 14 day trial of SimplyCast's hospitality business tools. Our all-in-one automated solution includes email, text message, Twitter, Facebook, survey, contact management and much more. Our customer care staff are happy to give you a free demo to show you how simple it is to use.

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