How to Create an Effective Email Subject Line

How to Create an Effective Email Subject Line

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Having a strong subject line is key to the success of your email marketing campaign. The "subject line" is the first test recipients use to determine if they should invest time in reading your message. Furthermore, the subject text is commonly used by leading spam filters as a way to reroute messages to the junk box. Investing time in creating and testing your email subject text can help increase your open rates significantly. Since the subject text is important, we have outlined 5 best practices to help improve subject line creation:

1. Relevancy: using seven words or less and a maximum of 50 characters to state the reason for sending the email.

2. Context: subject line must support the "from" line, if you sell t-shirts online, the from address could be Lisa, Inc.

3. Urgency: creating a sense of urgency in your subject line can help you increase your open rate. Example: "Limited time offer, blue t-shirt sale."

4. Personalization: Including the person's name or company name in the subject line has been found to be an effective way to increase readership.

5. Testing: testing your subject text with co-workers can provide you with hints to tweak your final text prior to sending.

Also, incorporating the learning from past campaigns will improve your overall results. If you have specific questions, please post it on this blog or contact your SimplyCast account manager for assistance.

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