How Digital Marketers Can Connect SEO and SEM with Marketing Automation

Erin McCabe
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Thu, Apr 21, 2016
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Digital marketers have a great number of tools at their disposal to help with their clients’, and even their own, marketing endeavors. Both search engine optimization and search engine marketing are vital for gathering new leads and introducing new contacts to your services through the use of paid and unpaid ad campaigns.

Marketing automation is another such tool that can help digital agencies streamline their marketing strategy and more efficiently target potential new clients. The best part about it is that existing SEO and SEM strategies can be integrated with a marketing automation platform so that your agency can easily convert promising prospects into paying clients.

Here’s how digital marketers such as Google Partners, for example, can use marketing automation to provide their clients with a logical next step in furthering their ability to ensuring their clients receive quality leads and relevant prospects.

Use a funnel approach to trigger nurturing campaigns

Generating a new revenue stream is simple when you use an automated funnel approach to guide prospective clients from the top where they are introduced to your or your client’s brand through your ad campaigns, right down through to the bottom where they are converted into loyal customers.

Typically, your paid and unpaid ad campaigns serve to bring visitors to your website’s landing page, and not much further. With the help of a marketing automation platform, you can piggyback on the success of your ads by encouraging visitors to engage with your services by signing up to receive automated communications. Signup forms can be created in the automation platform and placed on the landing page to collect visitors’ contact information, which will then be stored in a CRM for future use.

Once the visitor to your website has signed up to receive communications from your agency, you can easily trigger an automated lead nurturing campaign in which you can establish a relationship with the contact and offer incentives to sign up or purchase the services offered, automatically moving them further down the sales funnel as their level of engagement increases.

Web Tracking Can Help Better Allocate Resources

Wouldn’t it be great if your digital marketing agency could see just how fruitful each of your SEO and SEM efforts have been? Well, this is something else you can do when you integrate a marketing automation campaign into your strategy.

If the marketing automation platform you choose comes with a built-in web tracking software, this can greatly benefit your ads’ effectiveness by allowing you to monitor which ones are bringing in the most traffic and which ones may need to be rethought. Web tracking software gives you the ability to make each of your SEO/SEM links trackable, so that the software can gather useful data for you to analyze. This data could be anything from how many overall clicks each link receives, to the IP address of the clickers. The information is then compiled into easy-to-read reports that break down all this information, allowing you to determine the paid campaigns to which you would like to focus your resources.

While SEO and SEM do bring new prospects into the fold, without a marketing automation platform and web tracking how will you know which leads are serious and should be followed up with as soon as possible? By knowing how your visitors are interacting with your ads and how in depth their engagement is, you are able to fully optimize the productivity and effectiveness of these ad campaigns, thus increasing the chance for conversions.

White Label makes integration easy

So, you have been convinced that integrating your SEO and SEM strategies with marketing automation will make your digital agency more efficient and effective. However, you don’t want to dilute your brand by adding another business’s automation solution to your services and you don’t possess enough time or money to develop your own. Is there another solution?

Reselling a white labelled product allows your SEO marketing agency to reap the benefits of marketing automation while also maintaining brand consistency. In fact, reselling a turnkey solution is not only an easy way to bring in a new revenue stream, but it can also help to increase client stickiness and loyalty. The entire automation platform is set up under your own branding and logos, so it is able to be seamlessly integrated into your other solutions, meaning your customers need not look elsewhere for customer service and support.

SimplyCast offers such a white label program for our SimplyCast 360 platform which includes over 15 different communication channels, and we have already proudly partnered with many Google Partners and digital marketing agencies all over the world. Check out our White Label Reseller Solution for more information on how integrating SEO and SEM with marketing automation can benefit your agency’s marketing strategy.

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