How to Make a Good Questionnaire

How to Make a Good Questionnaire

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how to make a good questionnaire

Are you wondering how to make a good questionnaire? Well, look no further. Here are some best practice tips to consider when you're creating a questionnaire:

1. Figure out what information you want (and need!)

When creating a questionnaire, they may seem like the ideal place to learn every single thing that's on your mind, resist the temptation. Instead, focus on a handful of key points that you'd like to learn and tailor your questionnaire around them.

2. Keep your questions simple and consistently written

One of the biggest reasons why people fail to complete a questionnaire is that the questions are jumbled, confusing and pointless. Try to write your questions in the same, professional manner all the way through.

3. Use only one or two answer methods, like fill-ins and check boxes

Creating a questionnaire that is easy to fill out will increase your completion rate. Stick to one or two different answer methods throughout your questionnaire. However, this doesn't apply to personal information or feedback boxes that require the survey-takers to write in their answers.

4. Create your questionnaire so it takes 5 minutes or less to complete

When creating a questionnaire, long and boring questions are an immediate turn off. If your survey-takers see they have only completed, say, 20% of the survey and it took them a long time to do it, then they'll just stop. Again, keep in mind you don't need to cram every question into one survey.

5. Offer your customers a reason to answer your questionnaire

Whether it's a promotional discount, free gift, or access to the survey results, give your survey-takers a reason to participate in your questionnaire. As an added bonus: you may actually have even more people complete your survey than you expect. The more people you have answering your questions, the more accurate your results will be.

6. Keep personal information optional

Though demographic information is considered the Holy Grail of online surveys, it's best that you leave those questions as optional. People, in general, are squeamish when it comes to unloading their home address, phone number, and how much money they make to strangers, especially on the Internet.

Any questions about how to make a good questionnaire?

If you have any questions about what makes a good questionnaire, don't hesitate to contact us today! Click the button below to request a demo of the SimplyCast software to see how easy it is to create a simple questionnaire your survey-takers will want to answer!

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