How to Calculate Survey Results

How to Calculate Survey Results

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How to Calculate Survey Results

Since every online survey is different, we're not going to look at how to calculate all possible online survey results. Instead, we will just show you some of the most common results. However, these formulas provided here will guide you on how to calculate survey results for the rest of your questions.

1. Completion Rate

Take the total number of surveys completed and divide it by the total number of surveys completed and partially completed.

So, if 500 people completed your survey and 600 surveys were both completed and partially completed, then your completion rate is 83% (not bad!).

2. Location

Learning where the majority of your customers are is a fantastic bit of data you can use for target marketing to contacts in specific areas.

3. Gender

Like other demographic questions (such as location), asking the survey-taker's gender is optional. But, if you do capture enough gender responses, you'll see who your customers are. And, it may be shocking.

Perhaps you run a gift emporium that specializes in products aimed at women, and you come to find out that the majority of your customers are men. It then stands to reason that most of your customers are buying gifts. This means you can now tailor your promotions for gift-givers.

4. Average Sale

Understanding how much money an average customer spends per visit is another great piece of data. Not only will you learn what the magic price is for your products, you'll learn what their spending habits are.

So, to calculate an average sale rate, add up the total amount spent and divide it by the number of answers you received.

For example, if your total is $50,000 and you heard from 1,000 customers, then your average sale is $50.

Now you are on your way to better understanding online survey results and how to read them.

Want more tips on how to calculate survey results?

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