How Does Marketing Automation Save Time?

How Does Marketing Automation Save Time?

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Marketing Automation

If you are part of a small business or nonprofit organization, you are working with limited staff resources. It is crucial to save time where you can in order to make the most of your staff's time.

Marketing automation takes care of all the little marketing and communication tasks that take up your time. Let's look at how marketing automation can save time for your business or organization.

  • Automated sales pipelines: Move contacts through your pipeline automatically or manually
  • Automated emails, voicemails or text messages keep you in contact with your customers even when your staff is busy
  • Automated contact management: Customer data is updated automatically when a customer takes an action, changes their preferences or unsubscribes
  • Communicate with thousands of customers everyday using automation, which would not have been possible manually
  • Automated messages are sent out when a contact's activity drops off, such as when they leave a shopping cart without making a purchase, so you can gain more information
  • Customers receive automated confirmation messages when they make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter or take any action on your website or social media pages, or in response to your messages

These are just a few of the ways automation saves you valuable time. There are many more. How you use automation depends on your unique business. Request an interactive demo of our automated marketing solution, SimplyCast 360, and learn more.

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