How Email Marketers Can Beat Writer's Block

How Email Marketers Can Beat Writer's Block

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Even the most seasoned email marketer can run out of great content from time-to-time. Those who write a lot know that ideas are not always flowing and some days are a lot harder than others. So how do you beat the dreaded writer's block and return to pumping out witty and creative copy?

Here are a few tips to get your creative juices flowing that will keep your subscribers engrossed in your future emails!
  1. Give yourself time. If you know when you are planning to send your next campaign, allow yourself the time to work out the content, come up with new ideas and maybe even give your template a fresh look. If you are finding that your campaigns are a little stale, then your readers certainly will. SimplyCast can help you out there with over 1000 HTML email templates to choose from with new additions all the time.
  2. Keep a diary or notebook with you all the time. If you are like me you have 57 things on the brain each day and a great idea is easy to forget. Write down the ideas when you think of them and stop having to remember them two days later when you are trying to write about it. On days when I know I have to write some copy for a promo or newsletter, I listen to the radio in the morning and write down any hot topics or timely news. By incorporating this current information in your writing, your subscribers will be more likely to find it interesting. It can also give you the chance to add a bit of human element to your campaigns.
  3. Mark out some creative space. Where do you tend to think up your best ideas or concepts? Some of my best ideas come while I'm walking the dog or driving into work. This is not to say you should base your next campaign on something you dreamed up in the park but you never know when genius will strike. Maybe a room at home or a different room in the office will unlock the door to the perfect campaign.
  4. Create a relaxed mood. I know that is easier said than done at work because most business environments are not conducive to relaxing. But if you are in charge of writing press releases, email newsletters or the next big campaign for your company, you need to be on your game. Try out music to inspire creative thoughts. Go and have a chat with a coworker, ideally about something that is not work related. Of course, we all have deadlines but even the most high-energy writer has to create the best environment for what needs to be done.
  5. Step outside your comfort zone. Try writing about something you wouldn't usually touch on. Once you start to research and branch out, you will be amazed at how many new ideas come to mind. The best part is this process usually produces several new topics that can keep you writing for many weeks. Go to sites like Twitter, Facebook or Digg and see what everybody else is talking about. By doing something different your subscribers won't just associate your emails with your business but with quirky features, they wouldn't mind forwarding to their friends. Once this happens, all of a sudden your readership will grow exponentially.
Hopefully, these pointers will help you beat writer's block, and if you have some ideas of your own, please share with us. There are so many different ways to get the creative juices flowing, I bet we can build quite the list.

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