How You Could Be Hurting Your Twitter Marketing Plan

How You Could Be Hurting Your Twitter Marketing Plan


As much as you think you're doing everything by the social media book, chances are, you're not, especially when it comes to Twitter.

Since the platform is instantaneous and more limited than, say, Facebook, then there are about a million more ways to screw up.

So, this is where we come in.

Regardless of how good your intentions actually are, there are mistakes even the most intrepid marketers make even without realizing it.

1. Soapbox? Shmoapbox!

If you're treating your Twitter page as if it's your company's pulpit where you expound endlessly on your greatness, then you're missing the point. Twitter is about the free exchange of ideas, and the second that the Twittersphere catches wind of any preach-i-ness, they flee in the other direction.

So, here is a quick tip to help you soapbox-proof your Twitter page:

Flip the ratio: If you're talking 90% of the time about your company, news, promotions or contests, and spending 10% of the time ReTweeting or posting customer tips, then flip it around. Spend 90% of your Tweeting time talking about everything else but direct self-promotion.

2. ReTweet? Are you kidding?

Another bastion of Twitter marketing success is the ReTweet. If you stumble upon an interesting link, comment, picture, poll, tip, thought, complaint, suggestion or shout-out, then share it with your followers.

A ReTweet is a great way to solidify relationships between your company and your customers. It shows that a real, live person is reading the Tweets. ReTweets beget more ReTweets, meaning, if you're in a habit of sharing something interesting with your Followers or something that you'd think to be relevant to them, you're astronomically increasing the possibilities of being ReTweeted yourself.

If you're not ReTweeting, then you're just plain selfish and enjoy the sound of your own voice.

ReTweet Regularly: Set aside an hour or even a couple of hours to scour through the Twitter news feed to see what people are talking about. Find something fascinating and share!

3. Say, what? We've already said that.

One of the biggest misconceptions and, quite frankly, mistakes Tweeters make is thinking that every Tweet is read and registered somewhere in the collective memory.

So. Not. True.

Say, you Tweeted last week about some promotion your company is now running. Thinking that your Tweets announcing this opportunity reached all of your intended followers, is completely and utterly wrong.

ReTweet yourself: Dig up Tweets from your past feed and repost them. You're reminding your followers about what you've already said and kept your new followers "in the know."

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