How to Integrate SEO with Your Email Marketing Campaign

How to Integrate SEO with Your Email Marketing Campaign

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How to Integrate SEO with Your Email Marketing Campaign

Seriously, it's not as hard as it sounds. For some, SEO (search engine optimization) is like oil and email marketing is like water – mixing them to get is a near impossible feat.

But, what both SEO and email marketing do is attract new customers, though through different methods. SEO drives customers through search terms on the web and email marketing draws customers through information and promotions.

SEO lures in customers, email marketing keeps them. Great email marketing content feeds Internet searches.

Marrying these two seemingly opposite strategies is actually quite easy, and, in fact, by doing so, will actually help each other out.

1. Archive any blogs and articles that are only available to your email subscribers on your website. You don't necessarily need to post these articles immediately after you send out your email (they're special, after all), but making them available to searches improves SEO.

2. Ensure that email opt-in forms are prominent and visible on every page on your website, including landing pages.

3. Clearly post the benefits of opting into your email marketing campaign and ensure it is keyword-rich.

4. Figure out what the top words and phrases used to find you through search engines are. Then, integrate these words into your email marketing campaign's content, article titles and email subject lines.

5. Include email signup forms and benefits along with relevant product information in your directed landing pages.

6. Always be relevant in your content. Keep on top of the latest industry news, trends and product information. The fresher the content, the higher the rank.

7. Write original, well-researched content. With Google's recent crackdown on crappy sites, businesses are scrambling to produce top quality, searchable content. With top quality, searchable content, new subscribers will find you and sign up for your emails.

8. The icing on the SEO cake: backlinking. Use your email marketing campaign to share website updates, additions and new archives. Include these links in each and every one of your emails, along with a description of the information. This ensures that new subscribers know what you've made available to them, while keeping your backlinks fresh. Keep your website content relevant, and watch your rank increase.

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