How to Navigate SimplyCast’s Live Survey Software Reports

How to Navigate SimplyCast’s Live Survey Software Reports

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How to Navigate SimplyCast's Live Survey Software Reports

Live Survey is SimplyCast’s instant polling tool that users can use to create one-question polls to gather information from recipients on the fly. Once a live survey has been sent, users have access to live-updating reports.

Live survey software reports display information based on the send data and overall performance of the live survey. They serve to provide the user with an accessible tool to help them interpret and analyze the data effectively and make decisions efficiently and effectively.

Reports Dashboard

Report dashboard

Here is what the live survey software reports dashboard looks like for users. This page is where they can select which live survey report they want to view and analyze.

Each report is broken down into seven columns:

  • Title: The name given to the live survey campaign.
  • Type: Whether the live survey question was created as a multiple choice or open ended question.
  • Status: Whether the survey is active and still receiving responses or completed.
  • Responses: The number of contacts who responded to the live survey.
  • Created: The date and time the live survey campaign was created.
  • Sent: The date and time the live survey was launched.
  • Closed: The date and time the live survey was closed.

However, this is not the extent of the analytical data that is available to the user in the live survey software report. When users click on the report to view, they will be able to see a breakdown of the responses provided by recipients along with the date and time of their responses.  

What is the purpose of Live Survey reports?

The basic purpose of live survey software reports is to make as much information available to user as possible, so that they can make informed decisions regarding the questions they have asked as quickly and as efficiently as possible. People, companies, or business that use these reports effectively, are able to improve their ability to make these decisions and their business processes can be strengthened considerably as well.

Other than creating and disseminating your live survey campaign, live survey reports are arguably the most important piece of the puzzle. If there was no way to analyze the responses coming in, then the information being collected would be almost useless and unusable.

Benefits of Live Survey Software Reports

Track real time responses and live survey data as a whole. See and analyze incoming responses, which include information such as time stamps, the actual responses to the question that was asked, the number of live surveys delivered versus the number of live surveys that were engaged with, as well as other audience and response information. This data can obviously be beneficial to see when the survey was delivered to the contact compared to when it was opened and interacted with.

You can use this information to analyze your live survey’s delivery time. Is this the most effective time to send your live survey? Would more people have the chance or opportunity to interact with it when you want them to? Should this live survey be sent to a different audience?

Live Survey reports are also able to be downloaded to your computer for analysis on the fly. Obviously, this makes the reports more accessible since they can then be accessed without internet connection. This gives you much more flexibility when it comes to analyzing your reports.

Ready to check out Live Survey?

If you have made it this far, I would like to give you two specific calls-to-action. First, I would like to offer you the opportunity the start using SimplyCast’s Live Survey  and the live survey software reports to gather data efficiently and be able to analyze the responses effectively. Hopefully in doing so you will better the performance and delivery of future live surveys.

Lastly, be sure to contact our to request a one-one-one demo of  our Live Survey software by clicking the button below! Our team will be able to give you some more insight into how live surveys can enhance your business processes (which would include how best to analyze your report!).

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