How to Optimize Mobile Email Marketing

How to Optimize Mobile Email Marketing

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It is a safe assumption that the majority of your email marketing recipients look at your brand new message on their smartphone or tablet. And, if you're not optimizing mobile email marketing, then you're making your recipients angry. Angry recipients don't typically forward, click through or make purchases.

So, how do you optimize your mobile email marketing? Very easily:


Invest in software that reads what type of device the email is read on and automatically adjusts for that format. You'll have to design two different email templates, but you'll only have to do that once. If you don't have software that performs magic, consider:


Create emails that are easily read on both smartphones or tablets and in a traditional email viewer. Limit the amount of graphics and keep all of your important information (promotions, article titles) at the very top.


Though the impulse to load up each email with as much information you think your customer needs is admirable, it isn't the best policy when trying to optimize mobile email marketing. For example, if you include teasers for articles, shorten them. Less is more with mobile marketing.


Don't make it difficult for your recipients to click on any links in your email. Sometimes, words that are hyperlinked are hard for little fingers to click on in small screens. Consider using icons instead.


Regardless if your emails automatically register what type of device its being read on or whether you designed a perfectly adaptable email, always include – in an easy spot – the option to view on a web browser. Making your newsletters mobile ready is a must going forward, so we suggest starting right now if not already. We also want to remind you to test, test and test again. Look at your email on as many different smartphones and tablets as you can get your hands on. Now you are ready to optimize your mobile email marketing and watch your sales explode.

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