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How to Promote a Business on Twitter

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Twitter is one of the top marketing tools at our disposal today, but so many don't fully understand how to promote their business using the social network. Twitter is a place to engage readers about your company, educate readers about your industry and most importantly, provide your readers with value.

Here are a few ways to promote your business on Twitter.

Tweet short profiles about company staff

Customers love to learn about the people behind their favorite products. They want to learn about the people in your company. Too many companies on Twitter are more focused on selling that they miss how much of a sales impact a little humanizing does. If you have a customer support team, put a face to their helpful advice. Your customers will appreciate having a better idea of who they are talking to

Tweet company press releases

Whatever's going on inside the walls of your business – unless, of course, it's top-secret – is great fodder for Twitter. Try to tweet fuzzier, heart-warming press releases than those that may be more technical. Happy news – such as how your product changed a family's life – is read, commented on and retweeted more often than non-fuzzy news.

Tease customers with almost-released new products

This tactic works especially well with an upcoming holiday or a highly anticipated product (think the iPhone). Perhaps you release a new product feature every week or what the initial price will be. Twitter is a fantastic tool at creating buzz, and the buzz is what every marketer wants. The SimplyCast team did this for the launch of Version 7. We wanted to make sure everyone knew it was coming and to share all of the exciting features.

Tweet reviews and articles about your company products

Link, with minimal commenting, articles and product reviews. Even better, try to link to reviews by trusted consumer agencies and websites. Essentially, you're not saying how fantastic your products are, someone else is.

Link to customer testimonials on your website

People trust other people. People trust people they've never met more than they trust the company that's pushing them to buy their latest product. Let your customers to the selling for you.

Tweet Twitter-exclusive promotional codes, sales, and giveaways

This technique is virtually foolproof: not only will your chances of your promotion going viral, you'll gain new followers just because they want the inside scoop on your next deal. But don't go overboard. You don't want to flood everyone's stream with posts of redundant information that can seem very pushy.

How do you promote your business on Twitter?

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