How To Create a Good Email Blast

How To Create a Good Email Blast

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Good Email Blast

Instead of focusing on how to create a good email blast, we're going to look at how to create a great one.

Good is mediocre, boring and has the same earning potential as dry, stale and unbuttered toast. Great is exceptional, excellent and has the entire world at their feet. And, we're going to help you create the greatest, most successful and effective email blast ever.

1. Set goals and create a strategy to achieve them. Decide what you are trying to accomplish with this email blast. Are you trying to encourage customers to purchase? Are you looking for feedback about their customer satisfaction? Are you providing engaging and helpful information in the hopes that they will sign up for an upcoming webinar? Have a clear idea of what you want your customers to do, and be sure to include a clear and prominent call to action ("Buy Now," "Learn More," etc.) for customers.

2. Plan ahead for holiday promotions and annual sales. Holidays and other important dates creep up. Create marketing campaigns well in advance and schedule them to send a few days or a week before the holiday. Be sure to review your campaigns before they are sent out, to make sure all the information is still correct and relevant.

3. Cultivate well-written, well-executed and captivating content. Focus on the customers' needs, rather than just how great your product or service is. Why should the customer buy or sign up? What benefits will the customer enjoy? Try to keep content brief so readers do not lose interest.

4. Offer fantastic deals only found in your emails. Customers love exclusive deals, and they feel like the email is providing something special to them. Gaining access to special email-only promotions may, in fact, be the main reason they signed up!

5. Always design with mobile devices and tablets in mind because more and more subscribers are viewing your emails on them rather than on computers. Don't make users scroll very much, don't include a lot of images that may not display properly on small screens or may take a long time to load. And make sure your text is large enough! Test your email on a mobile device before sending it around to your subscribers.

6. Include guest bloggers and writers to contribute articles to your emails. If you are advertising a product or service, guest reviews add credibility to your sales pitch. You can also add quotations by relevant people to make it more interesting to read. If you're advertising a new bestseller book, include a quotation from the author. If you trying to get people to attend a cooking class, include a recipe from a well-known chef.

7. Keep images, graphics and pictures to a minimum because they decrease opens and negatively affect your deliverability rate. This is especially true for mobile devices.

8. Always include links to unsubscribe from your emails and a way for subscribers to update their email preferences. You want subscribers to remain engaged and not annoyed by your messages. If they want to opt out, it should be a very easy process.

9. Look at your data to find out when your subscribers are most active and responsive to your emails, and you will be able to determine the perfect time of day to send to them. Test different days and times.

10. Design your email so that it fits into an email preview pane and doesn't require your subscribers to scroll to see the entire message. Reading your message should be quick and easy! Your subject line should not be too long and should clearly tell the reader what the email message is about. Don't use words like "free" or all capital letters in your subject line.

By following these tips, you are on your way to being able to create a good email blast. There's lots more great information that can be found online. Try entering "how to create an email blast" into a search engine and see what comes up.

Some of the most helpful articles are those written by business owners or staff who frequently send out email blasts, because they have tested different strategies with their customers and they can share what has worked for them. And don't forget to add your own voice to the discussion! What email blast techniques have been successful for you?

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