How to Create Online Forms: 6 Things to Remember

How to Create Online Forms: 6 Things to Remember

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We've written a lot about how to create online forms in the past. We've given you tips to optimize your online forms, we've explained online form design basics, and gone over the ideal number of questions for your online forms.

The definition of an online form is broad, encompassing everything from online signup forms for your email newsletter or text message coupons to customer satisfaction surveys. But now we're putting the very best tips in one place. Here are the six most essential points that you must remember when creating your online forms.

1. If it's a longer online form or a survey, tell your participants in advance how long it will take to complete. This is the simplest way to ensure that your participants fill out the entire online form and don't just quit halfway through, and it also helps to avoid participants getting irritated.

2. Don't ask more than you have to, especially with short online forms. If you just want the person to opt-in for a newsletter, you only need their name and email. Don't waste their time by requiring them to fill in their company, their age, their phone number and so on. You will have the opportunity to learn more about them later.

3. Be clear about what you are asking of participants. The participant should be able to understand the question on the first read. If you have straightforward online form questions, you will get more and better quality responses.

4. Your online form design should be clean and simple. You want participants to be able to focus on the questions.

5. Make sure your online forms are mobile optimized. The majority of people now use mobile devices to access the internet. If someone wants to sign up to receive your text message coupons, for example, and your online form does not display or function properly on their cell phone, you will lose the chance to connect with that potential customer. Test your online forms on several types of mobile devices to ensure that they work properly.

6. After the participant completes the online form or survey, they should receive a thank you message and be directed back to your homepage.

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