How to Make the Most of Fax Marketing

How to Make the Most of Fax Marketing

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Fax Marketing

So, remember those days of standing beside a fax machine waiting for your document to be sent? Alright, now forget those days! Fax marketing is now done almost exclusively through computers. An online fax broadcast is a blend of newer and older technology and it combines the best of both.

If you're wondering how to fax over the internet, it's actually pretty simple. You create your fax campaign using online software and pick a time for it to send.

Web faxing services are available directly on the internet, so you can create, send and track fax campaigns from the comfort of your own home or office. You design your fax campaign online using a service provider's software, then your faxes are sent whenever you schedule them.

The most obvious benefits of online fax broadcasting are that it is easy and saves so much time. Your faxes send electronically so you do not have to monitor a machine or press any buttons.

Your faxes can also be tracked to see who unsubscribed. You can even integrate your online advertising with your fax advertising by creating a form on your website where people can sign up to receive your fax blasts.

Here are some tips to consider when you are creating your fax blast:

  1. You must obtain permission before you fax.
  2. Design with fax's restrictions in mind. Use medium to large simple fonts and clearly marked sections so that there are specific white spaces where readers' eyes can rest.
  3. Include a direct call to action, and a coupon if possible, to increase conversion rates.
  4. Test and analyze your fax marketing campaigns.

The efficiency of the electronic fax marketing process also means that bulk faxing has never been easier. If you want to broadcast faxes to hundreds, even thousands, of subscribers it is all taken care of electronically. You can schedule your fax blasts to send at a convenient time then relax.

So it's easy, it's efficient and if you're looking for a relatively cheap marketing medium, fax is definitely an option. It also gives you a sizable area to work with: a whole sheet of paper.

You can stand out by using fax marketing because email marketing is the norm nowadays. People are accustomed to receiving dozens of marketing emails per day, but when is the last time you got a fax advertising a product or service? It's unique, interesting, and efficient.

If you'd like to try fax marketing, sign up for a free 14 day-trial of our marketing automation platform. In the trial, you can try the functionality of online fax marketing as well as all the other features our platform has to offer!

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