How to Make Your Next Event Better

How to Make Your Next Event Better

How to Make Your Next Event Better

OK, so you just held an event and it went pretty good, but you can't help thinking that it could be improved. But how? Let's review a few tips to help you analyze the positive and negative aspects of your event and use the knowledge you've gained to make your next event even better.

After the event, send a survey out to guests.

Ask them to rate various aspects of the event, and ask for honest feedback about what could be improved. Did they like the food? The speakers? How about the venue? Create straightforward questions that are simple to answer, rather than open-ended questions. Let people know in advance how long it will take to complete the survey so they will be more likely to finish it.

During the event, keep a list of challenges you face and issues that have arisen.

Unforeseen things will almost always come up at events. How can these issues be averted next time? If you have a good idea of what the problems were, you can optimize your event planning and event management process so you can avoid similar issues at your future events.

Review your numbers.

How many guests RSVP'd and how many actually showed up? If you had a large drop-off, analyze what happened. Did you send out reminders to your guests so they wouldn't forget the date? Did you post lots of messages on social media leading up to the event? In addition to reviewing your guest numbers, go over your budget. How closely did you stick to your budget? What additional expenses came up? By really analyzing your numbers, you can be better prepared for planning out your next event.

There are three things you need to evaluate after any event you hold: the venue, the refreshments and the content of your event.

For the venue, ask yourself about the availability of parking and public transportation, the sound system, and lighting, nearby accommodations if it was an all night or weekend event and the size of the space. For the food and drink, focus on the expense, quality, variety, and service. For the content, review the speakers, the entertainment and music, the visual content and the guests' reactions. Make a list of the pros and cons, and also of what you would like to change for your next event.

Did you follow up with guests effectively after the event?

You want to have a lasting impression on your guests so your business will stay in their minds and they will hopefully turn into customers. You should always send out a thank you message to guests who attended to let them know their support is appreciated. You should also post pictures of your event on your website and your social media pages to show off your successful event and create a sense of excitement for your next event.  Your customer communication can be greatly simplified and made more efficient with marketing automation.

What you do after an event is just as important as what you do before an event. Analyzing your numbers and reviewing each important detail of your event helps you know what you need for your next event.

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