How to Improve Cyber Attack Mitigation

How to Improve Cyber Attack Mitigation

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Cyber Attack Mitigation

Cyber attack mitigation has become paramount due to attacks by hackers and cyber criminals becoming increasingly more common in the past number of years. These attacks on computers and computer programs can often be devastating to a company or private user, requiring rigorous and sometimes lengthy restoration processes which can take up valuable time and income.

Proper computer security is essential when trying to prevent any type of cyber attack, from phishing scams to viruses to ransomware. One way to ensure that your device is adequately secured is to make sure you apply any software or security updates whenever they become available instead of putting them off for as long as possible. Hackers will try and access devices that have not been updated, using any holes they can find in the older software versions to sneak their way in and cause all sorts of mayhem.

Firewalls and Data Encryption

Firewalls and data encryption are also ways to attempt to prevent cyber criminals from breaking into your devices and stealing your or your company's sensitive information. The stronger you make your defenses (and the more you implement) the harder it will be for attackers to pass through them. Data encryption will slow down attacks greatly, hopefully giving you enough time to discover the attempts and strengthen any known weaknesses in your system to prevent against further attempts.

Strong Passwords

One of the simplest ways to try and prevent hackers from accessing your devices is to ensure that you have strong passwords for each of your various accounts. Ensure you and your employees create passwords that contain a series of letters, numbers, and characters and do not contain any words or phrases that hackers will easily be able to guess such as first or last names, names of pets, etc. It is also advisable to create different passwords for each separate account. If one password is being used for multiple or all accounts, if a hacker manages to crack it, all of the information stored in each of these accounts is now vulnerable to attack.

Back Up, Back Up, Back Up!

Back up, back up, and back it up again. This is perhaps the most important thing that can be done to improve cyber attack mitigation. Backing up your data regularly to an external environment ensures that even if your system does get hacked, you are able to access your files and documents without having to acquiesce to hackers' demands. This could be the difference between getting your company's system back up and running within hours and having to spend days recovering lost data files, thus wasting company time, money, and resources.

Use Mass Notification

A mass notification tool, such as SimplyCast's Alerts tool, can be used to enhance cyber attack mitigation efforts. It can be used to send reminders for manual backups to all your staff on a regular basis. You can then receive a confirmation from your employees once they have successfully backed up their files and data.

Alerts can also be used to send reminders for employees to change their passwords. Changing your passwords fairly regularly can help thwart hackers' ability to access your device. Use mass notification software to automatically send these reminders every quarter without having someone designated to remember to do so.

Despite all you do in an effort to prevent hackers from attacking you or your company's devices, sometimes it won't be enough and you will incur a breach in your system that must be dealt with. When that happens, there are steps you must take to ensure that all parties are properly notified.

Again, you are able to use the mass notification software to send these notifications.

Alerts can be used to notify your company's clients about any breach and warn them that their personal information may be at risk. It is vital to let your clients know as soon as their information is in any kind of jeopardy and using automatic mass alerts lets your company do this as soon as knowledge of an attack exists.

Implement Alerts Now to Increase Cyber Attack Mitigation

Mass notification alerts can also serve to provide these clients with information on what they can do to try and reduce any damages caused by the hack, such as a number to call or steps to follow to determine whether their information has, in fact, been stolen.

If you would like to learn more about the SimplyCast Alerts tool and how it can be used for cyber attack mitigation, visit this page on the SimplyCast website or, contact

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