How to Send a Fax Online

How to Send a Fax Online

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how to send a fax online

Fax marketing isn’t as hard as it sounds once you realize it’s possible to send faxes online without standing over a fax machine for hours on end. By sending faxes online, you’re able to send them out in large numbers. Once queued, the faxes send automatically until the list of fax numbers is exhausted. So, how to send a fax online — keep reading to find out.

The first step to sending a fax online is finding an online platform through which to do it, such as SimplyCast’s fax application. After that, the steps may change slightly depending on the platform. Here’s how you send a fax online using SimplyCast.

How to send a fax online

1. Create your design

With the SimplyCast fax application, you have the choice to either upload a pre-designed PDF or use the “Build a Document” element within the fax application using the provided text editor. The Build a Document element makes it easy to create a fax in minutes and have it ready to send.

2. Add a cover page

As with the main fax designs, you can choose to either upload a pre-designed fax cover sheet or create a new one in the fax application using the Cover Page element. With SimplyCast’s fax application, you can add this element to the campaign and fill out the required information to be relevant to your organization.

3. Configure your send settings

Once you have all the pages set for your fax campaign, it’s time to move onto the send settings. This page lets you choose things like the lists you’d like to send to, what time you’d like to send the campaign at, and how many times you’d like to redial if the receiving fax machine doesn’t respond on the first attempt.

4. Monitor the reports

All faxes sent through SimplyCast’s fax application have detailed reports to review. The reports show how many faxes were queued, sent, and failed. Reports also how many attempts were made, how long the campaign took to send, and any error codes that may have been received in response.

So, now that you’ve read how to send a fax online, the next step is to see it in action! A member of our team would be happy to give you a one-on-one demo of SimplyCast’s fax application. Just click the button below to get started!

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