How to Use an Email Autoresponder

How to Use an Email Autoresponder

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Your business is busy. Calls coming in, meetings to go to, and yet there are still potential leads to engage and emails to be sent. With so many other tasks demanding the attention of your staff, wouldn’t an automated solution for emails be great to help lessen the workload? How about an email autoresponder?

What is an email autoresponder?

In short, an email autoresponder is an automated queue of emails that can be sent to contacts in your selected order and frequency. Basically, email autoresponders work in the background to perform your email marketing tasks automatically after being configured.

Why should you use an email autoresponder?

As mentioned, your business is busy and chances are that you have more pressing issues than sending welcome emails to leads or drip campaigns to new clients. By automating these types of emails, you and your staff can focus your attention on necessary one-on-one interactions.

When should you use an email autoresponder?

Email autoresponders are perfect to use to educate your leads before they make a purchase or sign in. They provide valuable information leads need on a regular basis, gently preparing leads to purchase. Then, when they get closer to purchasing, a salesperson can contact them directly and add that personal touch. Essentially, email autoresponders can be used wherever you have emails that are sent to all leads or clients at specific times.

How can you use an email autoresponder?

Now, the thing about email autoresponders is that they require a little bit of setup. But, once they’re set up, they can run on their own and continually send the queued messages as needed. So, if you’re willing to put the time in up front to write the emails and choose the proper time in the potential customer journey for it to send, you’ll see the benefits of the initial work for a very long time.

Here are a few examples of email autoresponder campaigns you can try:

  • Welcome emails: Whether a lead signs up for a newsletter or a service, or purchases from your company, automatically send them a welcome email. When a lead first gives you their information, that’s when they’re most engaged so capitalize on it by communicating with them.
  • An email course: Attract new leads by offering an email course relating to your core offering. Once they sign up via a form, they’ll receive weekly emails with the course material automatically.
  • Annual celebrations: Email autoresponders are great for sending messages on specific dates for each lead or contact you may have. Use them to send birthday, anniversary, or renewal messages (and associated deals!).

Ready to try an email autoresponder for yourself?

If you’re ready to try one of these email autoresponder campaigns for yourself, give SimplyCast’s platform a try! Click the button below to sign up for a free 14-day free trial.

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