How to Write a Business Fax

How to Write a Business Fax

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How to Write a Business Fax

You may want to begin leveraging fax for your business but you don’t know where to start. While fax machines aren't used as much these days, digital faxing has increased in popularity and is a great tool that many businesses use to help send private documents, coupons and promotions, and documents to multiple people at once. Digital faxing lets you use all the features and more of a fax machine, and all you need is a computer! Sending faxes will help you stand out and they are less likely to get lost in your recipients’ junk mail like emails!

In this article, we will show you how to write a business fax using a digital faxing solution.  

How to Write a Business Fax Cover Sheet

Creating a business fax cover sheet is pretty straightforward and many digital fax software solutions have templates that you can use to make it even easier. With these templates, all you do is fill in all your company’s information and you’re good to go!

Essentially, a fax cover sheet sent before the actual fax document is where you would include your business name along with your address, phone number, and also who you are sending it to. A cover sheet is one of the most important parts of your fax campaign, as it provides an overview of all the important information the fax recipient can expect from the incoming message.

How to Write a Business Fax

When creating a business fax, it is important to be professional and use appropriate language. Here are some tips for how to write a business fax.

  1. Keep your business fax organized and to the point. Someone is less likely to read a fax sent to them if it’s long and wordy with the pages out of order. Instead, make sure to send recipients an organized fax document with the information laid out properly and explicitly to help increase engagement with your fax messages.
  2. Make sure you are careful with the words you are using. Profanity is not appropriate or professional for businesses and will most likely give clients a bad impression of your business. Always use professional and appropriate language for your industry.
  3. Treat your business fax as if it is an essay you would have written in school. Before sending the fax, make sure you check your spelling and your grammar, and make sure the formatting is correct.
  4. Personalization is very important for creating and maintaining client engagement. Just by adding recipients’ names at the top of a fax message, you can make a client feel special and valued , causing them to be more likely to choose you over another business that sends generic mass messages.

Sound Interesting?

Now you know how to write a business fax. SimplyCast provides digital faxing software that can help you do everything mentioned above and more! Our fax broadcasting software allows you to:

  • Easily create fax messages: SimplyCast’s dynamic fax editor allows you to easily build fax marketing campaigns online. You can add images and text elements to your campaigns to create appealing faxes that stand out.
  • Personalize fax campaigns: Select the sections in your fax messages where you want to add some personalization. The software will automatically pull contact information from the system and send each recipient a personalized fax message.
  • Schedule fax campaigns: Schedule your fax messages to send later. Select the date and time you want to send the fax campaign during the setup process and choose your desired number of redial attempts.
  • Fax PDFs from your computer: Upload a PDF document to the server and add it into your fax campaign to send it. The PDF will also remain on the server for future use.
  • View fax campaign reports: View your fax campaign delivery statuses in near-real time receive an in-depth report of your fax campaign success. You can use these insights to optimize your future fax marketing campaigns.

Want to try SimplyCast’s fax broadcasting tool for yourself? Click the button below to request a one-on-one demo!

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