How You Can Use SMS Marketing for Business

How You Can Use SMS Marketing for Business

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SMS Marketing For Business

Did you know that when it comes to mass SMS marketing for business, any industry can benefit?

Sure you know about SMS messaging since you probably trade text messages with your friends, but how do you use it for your business and see an actual ROI?

Here's a quick look at some of the different ways that companies are using mass SMS marketing for business:

Entertainment Hot Spots – Among the first to use mass SMS Marketing, bars and nightclubs find bulk texts a low-cost method for promoting drink specials, pre-selling tickets, or informing customers about bands and entertainers appearing for that week. Announcements like this can be spur of the moment ideas and time-sensitive, so SMS is the ideal way to quickly get the word out. Plus the crowd that goes to these places are on the go and mobile.

Service-Related Businesses – Professionals and service-related businesses, such as home maintenance technicians, dental offices, automotive service centers, doctors offices, fitness centers, hair salons, spas, vets and any other type of appointment-reliant businesses, take advantage of mass SMS marketing for business. They use text messages to deliver automated appointment reminders to clients. This is a great way because really a reminder does not need a reply, it is just information and an SMS message makes it quick and painless for all involved. Studies show that SMS appointment reminders actually lower the number of clients who don't show up for an appointment.

Retail Stores – Tell customers about new products, special deals, VIP shopping dates, and other savings. Some retailers even go so far as giving text-only mobile discounts or coupons to reward subscribers. Stores also poll their subscribers on which new designer fashion is popular or being worn.

Food Establishments – The use of mass SMS marketing for business in the restaurant industry has shown to be an ideal medium since it targets people at key decision-making periods, like when they're choosing where to go for lunch, what to eat after work, or planning what to do for dinner. Food establishments have the luxury of knowing when people like to eat so they can schedule a mass SMS message to go out during these prime times. Great for daily deals or promotions. People think with their stomachs, so a well-timed text can get the job done.

Realtors – Realtors and real estate firms both use mass SMS messages to notify clients about open houses, when a new listing is up on the market, or to market seasonal-only rentals. The real estate game is highly competitive, so speed is important. Plus real estate agents are not at their desks ideally, so a mobile solution helps. Load up a listing and send it to your client list with ease.

Employee Communications – Big corporations or smaller firms with employees based throughout numerous locations or with staff selling from the road across the country, use mass SMS texts for times when they need to share important information or send follow-up reminders to workers about an event, update or meeting. Mass SMS marketing eliminates worries that important messages will remain unheard in voicemail or unread in an email box. Just think about your time on the road, text is most likely to be the method you keep up with the best.

Radio, TV & Publishing - If your goal is getting more viewers, listeners, and readers, then SMS can certainly help out. Engagement is the key to building the brand. Give people something of value or a reason to tune in or read your latest news. Send timely SMS messages about exciting programming changes, or when a new article is posted online. Have a book signing? Let all of your readers know where you are going to be. Just because TV and Radio are all about the eyes and ears, does not mean text messages can't help out. If there is a much-anticipated show premiere coming up, stoke the fires and get fans even more excited with SMS messages counting down the days. It is all about being creative without being intrusive.

Online Businesses – Last but not least we focus on the online business. SMS messaging is extremely flexible for web stores and other e-commerce sites. By adding a signup form for opting-in on their website, Internet businesses can distribute bulk SMS messages to announce new items or services on their website or to publicize a sales event. The SMS text also could contain a URL that links back to your e-commerce website. Don't forget the power of mobile marketing just because you are thinking about your online business. Text messages get opened at a greater rate than emails so it clearly is the best way to get the word out for your online store.

How do you use mass SMS marketing for your business? Let us know the type of business and how you incorporate SMS. You can let us know in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter. Can't wait to hear from you.

Ready to Start Using SMS Marketing for Business?

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