SimplyCast Blog: How to Use Twitter Marketing for Business

How to Use Twitter Marketing for Business

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How to use Twitter Marketing for your business.


Tweet links to your article, blog or news archives on your website. This is especially effective for those new or potential customers to learn a bit more about you and what you do. Further, if you're ever stuck or lacking Tweet-inspiration, post a link to your most commented on or most controversial article.


Post teasers about what's coming up in your other marketing campaigns, including exclusive offers in your email newsletter, member-only tips in your fax blasts or contests on your other social media sites. Think of your entire marketing strategy as a giant machine: each part needs to support the rest in order for the entire operation to be successful.


Link to recent consumer product reviews from trusted sources and newly added customer testimonials from your website. Customers who are on the fence about you will learn much more from other customers than anything you'll ever tweet will.


Tweet exclusive promotional codes. You'll be able to then track how much business your Twitter page is generating and how many people "cash-in" on your deals. To make it easier, write your codes so that it has some reference to Twitter, like TWIT123.


Always, always, retweet fascinating or interesting links or Tweets, especially those that are related to your industry. By taking a break from shameless self-promotion, you'll show that you're tuned in to what others are talking about. And, as an added bonus, the more you retweet, the higher the possibility that you'll gain new followers and be retweeted by others.

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