SimplyCast Blog: ICYMI: Multi-Channel Marketing Blog Recaps for April

ICYMI: Multi-Channel Marketing Blog Recaps for April

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Multi-Channel Marketing Recap April

Welcome to May. April was full of rain but the tradeoff is flowers blooming and warmer weather ahead. April was also a great month for online marketing if you consider how many of you are using SimplyCast to grow your business.

A lot of great information was covered across our 13 blogs over the last four weeks and we want to make sure you did not miss a thing.

As we did last month, it is time to recap a few of the posts that we think are a must for you to read and learn from.

Spring is upon us, everyone! Here is the best of the SimplyCast blogs for April.

Multi-Channel Marketing Solved!

Ask your subscribers to whitelist you - Great post from our compliance department about the reasons why you should ask your readers to whitelist you. The most important reason being, they get all of your valuable communications.

Pro-tips: Write better subject lines - A successful email marketing campaign needs a strong subject line. Otherwise, all of your hard work will never get seen. Check out these tips to make yours a little better.

Top 5 social media metrics to monitor - You use Twitter and Facebook to promote your business, but how are you measuring your success? Try monitoring these metrics.

Email Marketing Blog

The basics of QR codes for online or offline marketing - We know you have seen QR codes in your newspaper or on billboards, but what are they all about and how can you use them for your email marketing?

How to dress up your email marketing campaign - Everyone likes to dress up whether it be a big event or just wanting to feel good about yourself. Email marketing campaigns need a dress up as well and here is how you can do it quickly and easily.

List Management Blog

Renting or buying customer lists: An unnecessary evil - One of the more popular questions our team gets asked by customers is about renting or buying lists. This post should help you in understanding all the facts so you can decide for yourself.

Autoresponder Marketing Blog

Autoresponder inspiration: What to write and what not to write? That is the question - Just starting out with Autoresponders? Well, this post is for you. It will help you decide what to include in your message and what to leave out.

SMS Marketing Blog

Metrics used to measure SMS marketing success - What do you use to measure your SMS marketing? What metrics do you like to focus on? Our team has put together the ones we think you need to keep an eye on for future SMS success.

Twitter Marketing Blog

How to effectively use Twitter hashtags for business - Twitter is used by millions of people all over the world and many businesses use it as well. So what are hashtags and how can they benefit you? Here is the breakdown of what a Hashtag is.

Link Tracking Blog

Why you need to track your links - Link tracking is sometimes a forgotten part of online marketing. Everyone is focused on sending to their lists but you need to know what readers are doing after the send to really know what is going on. That is why link tracking is so powerful.

Affiliate Marketing Blog

Common mistakes new affiliate marketers make - Before you give notice to your boss and become an affiliate legend, here are a few common mistakes that new affiliate marketers tend to make. Trust us, you are not alone and that is why we are here to help.

These are just a few of the blog posts filed in April. We do our best to update all 13 blogs as much as possible and are always looking for new topics. If you have one, please submit it to us in the comments section below. Have a great May!

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