SimplyCast Blog: ICYMI: Multi-Channel Marketing Blog Recaps for August

ICYMI: Multi-Channel Marketing Blog Recaps for August

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Multi-Channel Marketing Recap August

Wow, September already? Where did the summer go? With the end of another month, that means it is time to look back at the best blog posts of August. These are the ones that we want to make sure you did not miss because they will help you out with your online marketing campaigns. So for all of you who were camping, cooking on the grill, fishing, flying around the world or just taking a break from the computer, here are the best of the best blog posts from the last four weeks.

Multi-Channel Marketing Solved!

Compliance 101: Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation and you - As a user of email marketing, it is very important to stay updated on the latest rules and regulations that keep everything happy and problem free. Since we know you have better things to do with your time like sit on the beach, watch reruns of Game of Thrones and of course craft your next engaging newsletter, our compliance department does their part to keep you in the know. Learn all about Bill C-28 and how it impacts you as an online marketer.

Marketing Strategy Advice Straight From The Kim Kardashian Wedding - If the Kardashian wedding is anything, it's not about the eternal union of people in love, but how to manipulate the media to make a bigger splash than the Royal Wedding, while making a pretty buck. The Kim Kardashian – Kris Humphries wedding is a spectacular example of extremely successful marketing tactics that you can easily add to your overall marketing strategy. These lessons can be applied to your email, SMS, fax, social media and direct marketing tactics.

Email Marketing Blog

Email Marketing Campaign Tips: Why Never CC Your Entire List - Though we all don't like to admit it, we've all done this. Even with a benign email that is unnecessarily sent to the entire list like confirming a meeting; that's not only a time waster but clogs up everyone's inbox with crap. Here are the reasons to never, ever CC your entire email list.

Attract New Readers without Spending Any Cheddar - Want to know a little, well-kept email marketing secret? It takes very little money (if at all) to gain new customers or even boost your email readership. All you need is a bit of grit, hard work, blood, sweat, tears and these three super simple tips.

Survey Marketing Blog

Survey 101: How to Hook Your Customers - So, how do you get your customers to fill out your online surveys? Well, it is pretty simple, you need to hook them in.

Fax Marketing Blog

Top 4 Fax Marketing Tips That Will Generate Sales - Here are four amazing reasons to not ever dismiss fax marketing. Consider it your promotional ace-in-the-hole and watch as it generates sales.

Twitter Marketing Blog

Tweet Like Lady Gaga - If you think like Lady Gaga (or her team), then you'll have Lady Gaga's Twitter success. Here are the ways Miss Mother Monster dominates Twitter.

4 Easy Tips to Improve Your Twitterverse Presence - So your company established a Twitter account and its been going along swimmingly. You're Tweeting some amazing company information, gained some leads and gathered a respectable number of followers. However, it feels as though you've hit a Twitter slump. You watch other companies skyrocket to Justin Bieber proportions and you want in. What aren't you doing that others are?

Autoresponder Marketing Blog

A Little Autoresponder Horror Story: How I Spammed 1 person 1,000 times in 1 Hour (True!) - A personal story that is meant to show you what can happen if you don't play nice with an autoresponder. Trust us, you will feel better about yourself after reading this one. There you have it, another month of blog posts in the can.

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