SimplyCast Blog: ICYMI: Multi-Channel Marketing Blog Recap For February

ICYMI: Multi-Channel Marketing Blog Recap For February

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Multi-channel Marketing February Recap

Being an online marketer is a busy job and time can certainly be limited for reading the latest industry news or helpful tips to further improve your skills. That is what we are here for.

Each month on all 13 SimplyCast blogs, we feature product updates, tutorial videos, compliance tips, best practices and overall industry news to help you grow your business through online marketing. That is a lot of information to keep track of.

So each month we will recap a few of the posts added and why it is important to you as an online marketer. Since this is the first of an ongoing series, we are actually going to include January as well (don't tell).

So sit back, grab a snack and catch up with the SimplyCast blogs.

Multi-Channel Marketing Solved!

Email marketing 2011 forecast - A fresh start - We started off the year with a few tips on how to start the year fresh. The main point of interest mentioned was shifting your focus to improving engagement with subscribers. This will boost deliverability and get you ready for how ISPs are basing inbox placement on.

Improving open rates for email marketing - We focus a lot of compliance and so should you. At least in terms of what you can do to keep your reputation in good standing. This post focuses on steps you can take to improve open rates and also addresses what ISPs do that can limit the tracking of open rates.

Innovative marketing solutions for Non-Profits - This one is for all the Non-Profit organizations looking for the perfect fit to do some online marketing. SimplyCast provides 20,000 free email credits to all approved organizations to help them stay in touch with supporters and the community.

The social media mistakes your business should avoid - With businesses using social media more and more to market and promote themselves, it is important to know what not to do. Mistakes can quickly turn off potential leads and make your overall branding look bad. It only takes a few simple tweaks and your entire social media strategy can flourish.

Email Marketing Blog

New Canadian anti-spam law for email marketing - Everything you need to know about the new Canadian anti-spam law for email marketing that is coming in September of 2011. There will be more on this as the date approaches.

Email marketing tips - Engagement is critical for deliverability - As mentioned already in this post, engagement is something everyone needs to focus heavily on going forward. Learn what you can do right from the very beginning of your marketing process to ensure that subscribers are not only being engaged but staying that way.

The best email marketing tip ever: Test - Testing can be the most important part of your online marketing success. Trying out new ideas and new strategies is the only way to stay on top of what is working and not working. In this post we feature a few areas to start with and how to go about it.

Signup Form Blog

Free signup form software helps collect email addresses - With the increased use of social networking sites to promote business, it is becoming very important to give users a way to sign up to your service or newsletter everywhere that they come in contact with you.

Twitter Marketing Blog

Top Twitter tips: Maximize marketing through social media - Tips on how you can use Twitter to become a trusted and reliable resource for your clients on business news and trends. We have had a lot of great feedback on this one, so please enjoy and share your thoughts.

Basic Twitter Terms for Business: What the Tweet does that mean? - Understanding the basic terminology on Twitter will not only help you produce effective and engaging Tweets, but it will also help you reach your ideal market or audience in the Twitterverse.

There you have it, just a sampling of what the SimplyCast blogs had to offer this month. Stayed tuned next month for more informative and hopefully entertaining tips, news and trends.

Have a question for us or maybe a topic you would like covered in upcoming months? Send us an email at or drop us a note on Twitter @simplycast. Look forward to hearing from you.

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