ICYMI: Multi-Channel Marketing Blog Recaps for May

ICYMI: Multi-Channel Marketing Blog Recaps for May

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Multi-Channel Marketing Recap May

With June starting tomorrow it means another month of informative blog posting will come to an end. Don't worry, we are not slowing down by any means but we want to take a look back at what the SimplyCast blogs had to offer over the last four weeks. Everything from what marketers can learn from Oprah to what links you should be tracking in your email marketing newsletters. Enjoy and we will see you again at the end of June (with a sunburn most likely).

Multi-Channel Marketing Solved!

4 quick tips to improve your content - Good content can be the difference when trying to bring in new leads and convert more sales. Here are four quick tips to help you improve your content.

Increase B2B and B2C engagement through blogging - Businesses are missing out of an incredible opportunity to not only gain new customers but also reinforce existing customer loyalty. We, of course, are talking about blogging for your business.

15 tips marketers can learn from Oprah - Oprah called in quits on her show after 25 years. Here are 15 tips that all marketers can learn from the queen of all media.

Email Marketing Blog

5 quick tips to improve your conversion rate: Email - Want better conversion rates? of course! We all do. Here are five quick tips that will boost your conversions going forward.

Random email marketing facts: How to use them for your benefit - Email marketing is chalk full of interesting facts and figures. The question is, how do you use those facts to improve your email marketing campaigns? We have the answers.

Fax Marketing Blog

International fax marketing rates by region added - Not a lot of information here other than we have added International rates to our fax marketing pricing page. Now you can figure out what it will cost to send a fax to anywhere in the world.

Link Tracking Blog

16 links to track in email marketing newsletters - Beyond analyzing open and bounce rates, these links will provide a 360-degree view of how your subscribers are interacting (or not!) with your emails.

Affiliate Marketing Blog

Affiliate marketing tip: How to create a direct link - Direct Links is an advanced feature of the SimplyCast Affiliate Network that allows you to link directly to our site without additional parameters in the URL. Here is how to make one.

We do our best to update all 13 blogs as much as possible and are always looking for new topics. If you have one, please submit it to us in the comments section below. You can also keep track of all blog posts by following us on Twitter or liking us on Facebook.

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