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Here are the 10 online marketing blog posts from the past few weeks that we feel deserve a second look. Enjoy.

3 Critical Marketing Metrics you are not looking at when it comes to Facebook - Move over Facebook "Fans" and "Likers," there's more to tracking online marketing success on Facebook than the number of fans your company's page has. Marketing success is more than just about popularity and the number of friends.

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Wait...Email Marketing is Like an 80s Pop Song? - Breakout the legwarmers, shoulder pads, slap bracelets, shredded t-shirts, neon and dive right into why your email marketing campaign needs to think a little more like an 80s pop song. We're taking advice from the best of the 80s: "Purple Rain" and "Sledgehammer" are tubular and "99 Red Balloons" are so, like, yesterday.

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How Do I Develop an Online Survey? - Though it may seem challenging, developing an online survey is actually quite easy. If executed properly, the survey will provide you incredibly useful information about your business, customers and areas that may need improvemen. 

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How to Improve Your SMS Marketing Conversion Rate - In today's world, SMS marketing is king. Not only is it the fastest growing method of marketing, it also boasts a surprisingly high success rate. As a marketer, that should be something that makes you sit up and pay attention.

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4 Ways to Ensure Your Fax Does Not End Up Recycled - Fax marketing is the ace up your marketing sleeve. Any great marketing strategy is comprehensive and includes multiple marketing channels. But that does not mean there are not best practices to follow for optimal deliverability and engagement.

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Become the Master of the Email Marketing Universe with Autoresponders - This isn't your typical step-by-step guide for improvement, but, rather, a series of exercises for you to take a long, hard look at your brand, your customers, and your past mistakes.

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Words and Phrases to Avoid When Using Email Marketing - Email filters are becoming smarter – so smart, in fact, that common words and phrases that marketers like to use, like "sale" or "order" are now pariahs. Protecting your IP address and online marketing reputation should be at the top of your list and avoiding the bad words is a must.

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How to Build an Organic Email List Fast - Building an email list that is organic and engaged, is probably one of the most crucial things in email marketing. Sure, writing great marketing copy and sprinkling in SEO tactics is very important as well, but if you don't have the list, who is going to read it?

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How to Make a Feedback Form - The very first step in making a feedback form is to figure out what information you want. So, sit down and make a list of everything you'd like to learn, prioritizing the topics by the most pressing to the least.

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How to Use Twitter Marketing for Business - All you need to know about using Twitter marketing for your business. It truly is one of the best marketing and branding tools on the planet and should be part of your overall strategy.

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Until next time, good luck with all of your online marketing ventures.




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