An Ideal Reseller Program for Web Hosts, Part 1

An Ideal Reseller Program for Web Hosts, Part 1

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Ideal Reseller Program

Ideal reseller program for webhosts

By now you've probably heard the news in the web host industry that simply providing hosting services is no longer enough to compete with the most successful hosts. You offer hosting, site design and site security, but do you offer marketing services? Affordable marketing services, such as email marketing, are some of the most sought-after services that SMBs are looking for.

To stay ahead of the competition, it is important to focus on becoming solutions providers for SMBs, not just hosts. By providing all the services that your SMB clients need in one affordable solution, you increase your client retention and overall satisfaction, leading to higher revenue and more business. You need to offer marketing add-ons.

The best solution, and one that is easy to implement, is one that involves both automation (time-saving and convenient for clients) and multiple channels (clients can connect with their customers in different ways, such as email, text messaging, social media and more).

Altogether, this type of solution is called multi-channel marketing automation. By offering an automated multi-channel marketing solution, web hosts are able to provide an enticing set of tools to their customers. Automation allows customers to save time, easily create and schedule email campaigns and other marketing messages ahead of time, and take care of their own marketing needs without external assistance. It allows a very small marketing team, even a single person, to run complex campaigns successfully.

So how do you market your all-in-one solution to your SMB clients? There are many points of multi-channel marketing automation that make it ideal for SMBs. The following are just a few reasons an all-in-one solution is so appealing to SMBs and other organizations. If you're in the hosting industry, check out HostingCon 2014, for which SimplyCast is a Gold Sponsor.

• Value: Using a single solution for all web host and marketing needs reduces costs. For businesses on a budget and those who are looking for the best "bang for their buck," an all-in-one solution which allows them to market through multiple channels is highly cost-effective.

• Efficiency: An all-in-one, automated solution means that SMBs save time on creating and sending their marketing campaigns. Automated messages save countless hours. Users are able to have all their contacts stored in one system, as well as commonly used files, images and documents. When a user uploads data, it is only necessary to upload it once. If an SMB is using multiple providers, they would need to upload their data multiple times.

It is easy to switch from creating a text to sending an email to posting on social media, all from the same place. You only need to learn your way around one system, and you can take care of all your marketing communication through the same interface.

• Brand Consistency: Another one of the main reasons SMBs benefit from doing all their marketing through a single provider is that it allows them to maintain a consistent brand look and feel. Whether they are sending a text, creating a landing page for a contest, posting to Facebook or emailing their monthly newsletter, by using a single provider SMBs ensure that their message will present their brand and voice in a consistent way so their customers easily recognize the trusted company.

Using a single provider, SMBs are able to store all their data in one easily accessible location, quickly add or delete contacts, reuse images and other graphics that they have used for previous campaigns, send at a consistent scheduled time and have any templates or forms saved and ready to use again when needed.

By adding automated multi-channel marketing tools to the list of services that you offer, you can stay ahead of the competition. SMBs now realize they need these services in order to be truly successful in an environment of smart online consumers. Customers expect to be able to reach businesses through social media, text messaging, email and more. Businesses are responding to this demand by expanding their marketing over multiple channels.

By offering a single affordable white label solution, web hosts are able to meet the increasing needs of SMBs and build strong, lasting relationships. More customers, and loyal customers, translates to a higher and more consistent revenue stream. Become the complete solution for all your customers' web host and marketing needs. Sign up today. SimplyCast is involved in the web host industry, and we have experience tailoring our solution to meet each host's unique needs.

Contact Ariel Hopper today to discuss integrating the SimplyCast platform as your own company-branded all-in-one solution, through our reseller program. Or connect with Ariel Hopper on LinkedIn.

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