Ideas for Law Firm Web Marketing with Automation

Ideas for Law Firm Web Marketing with Automation

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Law Firm Web Marketing

Are you effectively promoting your law firm on the web? Law firm marketing is about building trust and establishing your knowledge in law. This ensures that potential clients feel secure about contacting you when they need a lawyer. They know that you will provide them with the best legal advice because they have been following your online activity.

What do you need to do on the web to show your knowledge and make connections with new clients? We are going to go over a comprehensive law firm web marketing strategy and show you how this marketing process can be made more efficient.

Provide an Informative Website

The first place most people are going to look to find information about your law firm is your official website. Your website is a great place to show off your law team. Provide short biographies and show your lawyers' qualifications in order to build trust and create a personal connection. Many law firm websites feature professional pictures of their staff to once again help build trust.

You should list all your services on your main page and provide handy links that people can click to find more information about specific topics. Your website should obviously provide all your relevant contact information prominently. Have a signup form that people can quickly fill out if they want to hear back from you.

Take Your Law Firm Marketing to Social Media

You can post a lot of different law firm information on social media. Many businesses and organizations follow the 80/20 rule: post 80% educational content and 20% promotional content. Wondering what to post?

  • News about your law firm
  • General legal advice about specific situations
  • Bios of your team of lawyers
  • News about important or precedent-setting new laws that are passed
  • Respond to other social media users who are commenting on your posts or mentioning your law firm
  • Promote law firm events to boost attendance
  • Links to your blog posts

You don't have to be on every social media platform out there. Pick a few of the most popular, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and focus on those. Post regularly in order to show that your law firm is up to date and active. The posting process is easily automated.

Organize Law Firm Events with Automated Event Management

When you need to host an important event for your law firm, it is often a lot of work to manage. Automate the process and make it simple and efficient for your staff. Using automated event management, create invitations with pre-made templates, have them all sent out to invitees, and schedule reminders so guests don't forget the time and date. The messages are all taken care of at the appropriate time so your staff has time to focus on the event itself.

Try Automated Law Firm Marketing for Free

Sign up for a 14 day free trial of our automated marketing solution. Our all-in-one solution includes over 15 marketing and communication tools, and has full automation capabilities. Let our team give you a demo to show you how you can use the tools. Click the button below!

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