Education Marketing Strategies that are Easy to Implement

Education Marketing Strategies that are Easy to Implement

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Education Marketing Strategies

Education Marketing Strategies

In addition to the usual process and channel considerations, there are several keys to recruiting students for online programs using education marketing strategies.

One key that forms the backbone of the marketing automation process is the creation of a solid communication strategy. The overall strategy should set specific goals, clearly define who you are targeting, specify marketing assets and lead generation channels, and measure success against goals. Moreover, all educational institutions should adjust their practices on the basis of what is working and what is not.

The keys to recruiting students for online programs also include:

Search engine optimization

This is one of the fastest and most effective means of delivering quality leads directly to the institution's site. The best of all, building up your SEO does not cost a lot if you have an already established content marketing strategy going.


Positive testimonials and strong personal references that emphasize convenience, flexibility, and effectiveness are extremely convincing factors influencing enrollment decisions. Reach out to students and former students to share their positive stories.

Face‐to‐face Interaction

Similarly, face-to-face interactions offer a more personal way to engage with prospective students, such as at regional career fairs. Set up events using automated marketing and build your brand while engaging students.

Social Media

The pillars of effective social media marketing include consistency, relevance, interaction, frequent updates, and quick responses. Students are all over Facebook, Twitter and the other social sites, so your school has to be there as well. Again, social media is an easy-to-implement education marketing strategy because there is not cost to sign up and participate.

Outcomes‐Based Recruiting

Focusing recruitment messages on programs' expected outcomes enables institutions to demonstrate to prospective students the value of enrolling and completing a particular course or degree. Students want to know what happens when they graduate. They want to be sold on the fact that there are jobs waiting.

Effective Landing Pages

Landing pages should reinforce the institution's brand and alert prospective students of program offerings, in addition to connecting with current students and keeping alumni informed. They are the starting point to nurturing campaigns and a personalized communication plan towards students.

In order to rise above the competition, educational institutions need to utilize in-depth research to determine the best and most effective ways to offer online marketing and to attract qualified prospective students. An in-depth analysis of successful marketing automation and recruiting practices is a must in order to fully embrace the age of online educational communication.

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