Automation to the Construction Project Management Process

Automation to the Construction Project Management Process

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Improve the Construction Project Management Process

Construction companies often have more than one project on the go at any given time, which requires them to manage multiple teams of workers and ensure that each jobsite has enough people with the right skills. Schedules need to be created and kept up to date and sometimes specialists need to be called to a jobsite on short notice to deal with an unexpected situation.

Jobsite managers have a lot on their plate and anything that can help streamline the construction project management process would certainly help make their lives easier.

Lucky for them, the jobsite tracking process can be streamlined by leveraging the power of automation to help jobsite managers with the scheduling of workers, recalling specialized workers to work where they are most needed, and managing multiple jobsites from a centralized dashboard.

A digital, automated construction project management solution can greatly benefit managers by consolidating a lot of their everyday tasks into a single solution, and even automating some of these tasks to reduce the time spent on the phone calling around for workers who are able to work a specific sites depending on their skillsets and other factors. Here are just s few benefits for incorporating automation into the construction jobsite project tracking process.

1. Increase Efficiency

The process for managing construction jobsites typically requires that managers keep track of jobsites and their personnel manually and includes a number of other manual tasks. Construction firms need to make sure that the appropriate number workers are scheduled at for each managed jobsite and often must call around to find a specialist on short notice.

An automated construction project management solution allows managers to automate some of these tasks, reducing the amount of time they have to spend on the phone in the run of a day and increasing the efficiency of the overall project management process.

2. Ensure Security

An automated construction project management and tracking solution needs to be kept secure. It is important that all information regarding each individual project be kept safe and locked down to only those who require access to it.

With a centralized solution, all project data is kept in a secure online database and any notifications that are sent to workers are encrypted. As for the data within the solution itself, users of the solution are provided with granular roles which allow them to only view and manage the project data for the jobsites they need to, so you can be sure that all information you store will be properly safeguarded.

3. Leverage Scalability

Scalability is an important factor when dealing with multiple jobsites and a fluctuating number of available workers. With a manual construction project management process, it may be difficult to keep track of all the information you need to in order to ensure operations continue to run smoothly, especially if the number of jobsites being managed increases – and your workforce continues to expand as well.

Construction jobsite project tracking can leverage automation to make sure that no matter how large your company grows, and no matter many jobsites you need to manage at any given time, you are able to scale without compromising timelines or the quality of your work.

4. Gain Real-time Insights

An automated construction project management solution will provide you with reports, allowing you to easily see who opened any specialist recall notifications and what their responses to these notifications were. These reports will help you gauge the effectiveness of your recall templates and will provide you with the insight you need to optimize them in order to achieve a higher response rate.

Need an automated construction project management solution?

SimplyCast has used its all-in-one engagement automation platform to build an all-in-one construction project management solution leveraging our Command Hub, OnCall, and Recall tools, that can be used by any company who needs to manage one or more jobsites and teams of workers. The solution can be modified and customized to meet the requirements of each individual company to provide a seamless construction jobsite tracking experience.

To check out how to manage construction jobsites and projects using SimplyCast’s automated construction project management solution, be sure to click the button below to request a one-on-one demo from our team!

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