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Are your emails still landing in the junk folder even though you are a reputable sender? Optimizing email marketing campaigns for successful delivery can be frustrating and time consuming. To help ease the pain, use this optimization checklist as a tour guide to pinpoint strategies to turn your delivery around.

Optimization of content
  • Less than five trigger words that could include Free, Sale, Clearance, Discount, Buy Now, Apply Now, Earn Money, etc.
  • No spelling mistakes.
  • Avoid using CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Avoid exclamation points!! Example: "Sign-up for our product Today!"
  • Your text version should match your HTML version.
  • Avoid red font.
  • Avoid using a large font size. (not over 12pt)
  • Specify and use the same size font throughout the entire message.
  • Avoid bolding everything. Use bolding style very minimally, if at all.
  • Avoid using the % and $ sign within the copy.
  • Keep the copy to image ratio at 1:1.
  • Make certain your subject line is clean of words that will get flagged, concise and directly relates to the intent of the message.
  • Keep subject lines under/close to 50 characters in length (including spaces).
  • The campaign should contain a functional Report Abuse link.
  • Avoid using background images when possible. Outlook 2007 and Gmail, for example, do not render background images.
  • Check your HTML for bad syntax and spelling errors. The best way to validate your HTML code is to use an online HTML validator like this handy tool called the WDG HTML Validator.

To go along with this helpful list, the SimplyCast deliverability team works very hard to make sure your email marketing campaigns are safely delivered to the inbox.

We monitor and stay up to date on the latest legislation and regulations so your email campaigns will comply without worry.

Our team also responds to and investigates every single complaint that comes into our abuse desk. They work quickly to resolve issues with clients who receive complaints.

By keeping a close eye on what is sent through our system, we make sure there is nothing being sent out that could affect our reputation and that of our customers.

To learn more about SimplyCast's email marketing solution, contact our sales team.




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