Improve Your Pharmaceutical Marketing with These Tools

Improve Your Pharmaceutical Marketing with These Tools

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Pharmaceutical Marketing

Digital communication and marketing is growing and becoming more common for pharmaceutical marketing. Take advantage of this shift by using marketing automation to streamline your marketing and communications. Here are a few easy ways you can use marketing automation to help with your pharmaceutical marketing strategy.

Track Website Engagement

Chances are that you have a website for your pharmaceutical brand but can you tell how engaging it is for customers?

Our automation marketing platform contains a web tracking application that allows you to track all of the activity on your website. Web tracking software allows you to see which parts of your website are being engaged with by customers and which areas may need a little improvement.

By being able to fix weaker areas of your website, you will see an increase in users and an increase in engagement.

Create Personalized Profiles for Your Customers

Having personalized profiles for each of your customers means that you can tailor your marketing to appeal to them directly and personally. Use a customer relationship manager (CRM) to store contact information, preferences and engagement in one place. This database will allow you to communicate personally with each of your customers meaning improved engagement.

Easily Send Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way of getting a lot of information to a lot of people quickly. Make this process even easier by automating your newsletters. This means you unload the manual task of sending onto the automation system, saving you time and effort.

Our email app allows you to personalize your newsletters on an individual basis by using merge tags to bring in information from the CRM. This means you can add customers' information to your emails to increase personalization and engagement.

Do it All From One Location

SimplyCast 360 allows you to create marketing campaigns and communicate with customers all from the convenience of one platform. SimplyCast 360 is the ultimate marketing automation tool for pharmaceuticals because it allows you to engage customers directly, meaning an increase in engagement and sales.

Try it for yourself. Sign up for a free 14-day trial and see what marketing automation can do for you!

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