Improve your Real Estate Blog with Listings

Improve your Real Estate Blog with Listings

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As a real estate agent or company, do you have a real estate blog? If not, you should because a blog improves your website traffic and your marketing strategy. A blog gives your website visitors a place to learn about the real estate industry and really narrow in on what they're looking for.

However, constantly coming up with content ideas can be a taxing experience, especially if you're busy with other aspects of the company.

Luckily for you, real estate companies have an endless supply of new content for blogs: listings!

Pick listings to feature

When it comes to house hunting, potential buyers love to do research and see what all their options are. People also just like looking at houses. In fact, did you know that the TV channel HGTV, a home buying and improvement channel, is watched in 96 million households?

By taking your listings and expanding them into blog posts, you will be able to not only give your potential home buyers more information but you will also attract more traffic from users who are just interested in houses to your real estate blog. This may not seem important, but when these users decide it is time to buy they may just remember you. That's the beauty of inbound marketing and blog content: you educate readers and build that trust so that when they need an industry expert, they turn to you.

So, now that you know why you should include house listings as part of your blog, how do you do it?

You have a whole bunch of listings. Do any of the listings have something in common? Let's say you have five fixer-uppers in the same area. That sounds like a real estate blog post to me!

Let's take those five properties and feature them together in a blog post to appeal to people looking to do renovations. You need to make sure your title grabs their attention right away.

Create the perfect title

A good formula for creating titles for these blog posts is [Adjective]+[Home Characteristic]+[Location]. This formula will allow you to generate an engaging title no matter what the property or location you are using. You could even rearrange the formula to change it up!

Let's look at a few examples.

  • Top 5 Fixer-Uppers in Dartmouth
  • Best Home Improvement Projects in Kansas
  • The Best Master Bedroom Views in Dallas
  • Toronto's Top 10 Available 2-Bedroom Homes

Now that you've got the perfect title, it's time to move on to the contents of the post. Most importantly, you need to make sure that you have lots of photos.

Write your real estate blog content

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. This is especially true in real estate marketing. People want to see what the property looks like before they invest any more time in it. The great thing about the blog post is that you'll be able to provide more pictures that are bigger and more detailed than most listings allow.

With a great title and lots of pictures, you'll also need the right writing content.

In a blog post formatted as a list, you'll want to provide your reader with an overview of all of the options. This section can just be a brief paragraph explaining the appeal and location of the properties.

After this, you would want to give the reader information about each individual property as they make their way down the list. It is important that you include the same information for each listing.

Here's an example of the information you should include:

  • Address
  • Year built
  • Features
  • Price
  • Link to the listing

The above information will ensure that your readers have all the information they need about the property. The way you choose to present this information is up to you. You could present it as a list or you could write it as a few short paragraphs. This important thing is that you stay consistent throughout the entire post.

Don't forget a CTA

At the end of the post, you don't want your engaged readers to fall off. Provide them with a CTA to keep them engaged! It could be a link to another related post or a link to sign up to your newsletter. Whatever you choose, just make sure you offer them an alternative to simply closing the window.

To learn more about how you can improve your real estate marketing strategy, visit this page.

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