Improving Client Experience With Law Firm Internet Marketing

Improving Client Experience With Law Firm Internet Marketing

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Law Firm Internet Marketing

Client experience is far and away the most important factor in generating repeat and even lifetime clients. Of course, how you do the job you were hired for is important as well. The client experience, however, can mean the difference between someone coming to you for an assessment and staying with your firm for years as a loyal customer. You never get a second chance at a first impression, so here are some surefire ways to catch your prospective clients' attention online, get them into your office, and keep them coming back when they need your services again.

  • Offer Instant Contact – No, don't try to respond to everyone right away. However, having a live chat that your prospects can use to learn more about you during your off time or leave a message with you while you're in meetings could easily see you busier than ever. Other staff can keep an eye on the chat, allowing appointments to be booked, the practice to be marketed and more, all while you're giving clients your undivided attention. EngagerLive offers that and more.
  • Monitor Your Clients' Needs – Not to be creepy, but as an effective lawyer, you need to know things that are relevant to your client and potential cases if they continue to come back to you. You want to be sure that when cursory information is collected, you can notarize it in order to maintain a good rapport and remember all the necessary moving parts. That's where Contact Manager comes in. This allows you to nurture leads and keep notes on all your contacts in one easy application.
  • Get Social – Clients like to be able to speak where it's most convenient, and in some cases that's social media like Facebook and Twitter. Automating posts to those sites that offer advice, or promote fun contests can engage your followers and get them thinking. More than that, you could offer legal trivia and niche cases that are strange or interesting for prospects who currently have no need of legal services, as a means of standing out.
  • Gather Input Reactively – Say you just had a meeting with a client. How can you impress them and follow up? For starters, you can send them a survey, asking what you did right and where you can improve. You can also preempt appointments with a cursory query for information that would allow you to know what their situation is as they come in, having booked on your site without the need to tie up phone lines. Finally, use forms to gather information on users who want to download inbound marketing pieces from your site or accomplishments of your firm and/or lawyers.
  • Build Specialized Landing Pages – As a firm, you likely specialize in many areas. In order to appear to be the expert in all of them, you want to single out specific needs. For example, your firm may handle workers' compensation claims as well as injury litigation. By putting up unique landing pages for each targeted marketing campaign, you're able to effectively double your credibility in both. A long list of specializations will make clients feel that you don't know much in any of the areas whereas individual landing pages that list your specialties in one specific field gives you much more credibility.

These are just a few tips that can be used in your law firm internet marketing to ensure success. There are many more, some of which you can find as additional content on our custom tailored law firm marketing page. There, you will find much more related to the marketing of your firm, and how you can own it and keep it in-house. To learn about the software we built from the ground up, check out our marketing automation page, where you can view a full list of our products and pricing and decide if SimplyCast 360 is right for you. If you need more information, contact our staff via the live chat on our site.

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