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As an online marketer, you have probably asked yourself this question after viewing data from your latest email marketing campaign:

Why don't I receive a 90-100% open rate? On average open rates should be 24-26%. If you are receiving open rates around this range you are doing very well. If you are under this range, there are a few tips you can do to help improve your open rates.

1. Re-opt-in your list at least once a year. This should include how often you will be sending, what "from" address you will be using (to allow recipients to whitelist) and what type of content you will be sending.

2. Don't continue to send mail to recipients who repeatedly do not open your mail. You can send them an email indicating that if they would like to continue receiving your mail to click a link provided.3. Don't use different "from" addresses.

Do not be alarmed that your open rate is not perfect. Many recipients may still be reading your message, but if they do not enable images, the open cannot be tracked.

Many ISPs disable images which prevents ESPs (SimplyCast) from being able to track if a recipient has actually read the sent email. If the recipient enables images the email will then be tracked. If a recipient adds the sender to their address book or safe list, this acts as a whitelist, therefore images will automatically be enabled when it hits the intended inbox.

This means that an open rate of 24% may actually be 60% or higher. Now, do you feel better about your open rates when delivering your best email marketing campaigns?

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