How an Automated Sports Sponsorship Solution can Benefit YoC

How an Automated Sports Sponsorship Solution can Benefit YoC

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Automated Sports Sponsorship Solution

Sports teams, leagues, and organizations need support from sponsors in order to be profitable and successful, and to continue to attract new players and fans. While it may be simple enough to gather a few initial sponsors, it can be difficult to retain sponsors and at the same time draw in new ones. How do you maintain a strong relationship with current sponsors while reaching out to potential sponsors and build those relationships? How do you compete with other organizations that are also seeking donations. The answer: you can communicate with new and current sponsors and grow your sports organization (while staying ahead of the competition) by taking advantage of an automated sports sponsorship solution to help with marketing and communication.

It's called the 360 Automation Manager. The great thing about automation is that it saves time. You need to focus on promoting your organization and making new connections, so the automated solution takes care of sending messages and collecting data. Gathering information and communicating with sponsors is vital, and automation makes these processes simple. The 360 Automation Manager is completely customizable: you set up your messages however you want. Create messages ahead of time, select a sending time and date, then let the automated sports sponsorship solution take over.

How you can use an automated sports sponsorship solution:

  • Send automatic thank you messages to your sponsors. Every sponsor wants to be appreciated. When a sponsor donates, have a message automatically sent to them, confirming that their donation has been successfully received and thanking them for their support.
  • Reach out over multiple modes of communication. The 360 Automation Manager sends messages through email, SMS and voice messages, so your sponsors can select how they prefer to be contacted. SMS messages, for example, are great for quick and effective reminders as most people have their mobile device with them wherever they go.
  • Send different messages targeted to different sponsors. Sponsors pay more attention to messages that are directly relevant to them than to mass messages that are sent to everyone. The 360 Automation Manager will send unique messages to your contacts based on actions they have taken or information that you input. If a sponsor has already donated, for example, they will not receive the standard "We're seeking donations" message, but will instead receive a prompt thank you message. Anyone who has not yet donated would receive the message encouraging donations to be made.
  • Remind current sponsors that you need their support and promotion. Perhaps with an automatically sent text message? "Hi Dave, your company is one of our team's great sponsors and we appreciate your continued support! We're approaching the beginning of the team's season, and we would love to include your company's name on our billboard for the second year in a row!"
  • Automatically send emails with easily shareable promotional content. Sponsorship often includes more than just a financial support aspect. Sponsors may also help to promote the sports organization and increase the number of fans. Send out regular emails to your sponsors that include promotional videos, ads, and contests that they can share on their websites and on social media.
  • Attract new sponsors through automatic updates on your social media pages. You can schedule posts and tweets to appear at scheduled times on your Twitter and Facebook pages. Social media is an ideal way to spread your messages and reach out to new sponsors. You already have lots of followers and friends on social media, so make some new connections by letting your fans share your messages. A simple message ("We're looking for great sponsors who would like to build a relationship with our team! Know anyone who would be interested?") can be easily shared with thousands of people and companies through the power of social media. And, since the updates take place automatically, the only thing you need to do is take advantage of the new sponsors who connect with your organization.
  • No technical skills necessary. Creating and scheduling messages with the 360 Automation Manager is easy for anyone who uses a computer. We have focused on making the solution straightforward to understand and simple to use. We also have tutorials available if you need some ideas about how to create your messages, and our support staff are always eager to assist you with any questions you have.

The 360 Automation Manager is a simple, efficient and powerful communication solution designed to automate many tasks. It is easy for anyone to use, and will help you save time and reduce the budget which is necessary to promote your sports organization and effectively communicate with your sponsors and fans.

To discuss your sports organization's unique needs, and how an automated sports sponsorship solution can help, contact us today to see how the 360 Automation Manager can help grow, strengthen and promote your organization.

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