Introducing the New Automation Flow Editor

Introducing the New Automation Flow Editor

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Automation Flow Editor

For the past few months, SimplyCast has been releasing new interfaces and features for some of its biggest channels. In September, the team revealed version 9.0 of SMS, Voice, and Fax. Today, we have another tool to present.

It's finally here! — the much-anticipated Automation Flow Editor for SimplyCast 360 and Autoresponder. The Automation Flow Editor gives both SimplyCast 360 and Autoresponder many new features, an updated interface, and a faster loading time.

As a multi-channel automation flow editor, SimplyCast 360 has also provided users with a simple way to connect with their clients, engage new leads, and optimize their business processes automatically. Now, with this new upgrade, users have additional features and functionalities to aid in creating comprehensive marketing, communication, and engagement automation campaigns.

Some of the new features include:

Show Interactions

With the new Automation Flow Editor, users can choose to see how many interactions each campaign element has had at a glance. For example, if a campaign had three emails within it, a user could see how many contacts had been sent that email right from the SimplyCast 360 canvas.

Connection History

Building upon Show Interactions, users can click on the number of interactions for each element and see a list of contacts who have interacted with that element. Connection History shows users each contact's name, phone number, mobile number, fax number, and the time the interaction took place.

Trace Journey

After viewing the entire Connection History, users can select a contact, which gives them two options: View Contact and Trace Journey. Choosing View Contact now takes users to that contact's CRM profile. Trace Journey allows users to see the contact's exact path through their automation campaign by outlining the path for the contact in a dotted line with a moving circle to represent the contact.

New Widgets

The SimplyCast 360 has all the same elements users have come to know and love, such as Percentage Split, Decision, and SMS Campaign, but with the new Automation Flow Editor, users are now getting some new tools called Widgets. These new tools allow users to create new grids on the canvas, snap elements to line up with the grid, and undo and redo actions.

If you're interested in seeing the new Automation Flow Editor for yourself, click here to sign up for a one-on-one demo!

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