Introducing the Product Every Marketer Has Been Waiting For

Introducing the Product Every Marketer Has Been Waiting For

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Introducing the Product Every Marketer Has Been Waiting For

Imagine if there was a communication product that makes decisions on what messages to send customers based on their individual preferences. A tool that integrates diverse marketing channels such as email, SMS, signup forms and more into a single easy to manage, fully automated campaign. Marketers, your wait is over. We are proud to announce the arrival of SimplyCast 360, the comprehensive automation manager.

So what is it? How does it work? Why is it so special? Well, it is the product SimplyCast has been working toward for years. It incorporates our many channels of marketing into a single platform that you can use to create customized and complex marketing campaigns that send out different types of messages based on decisions, time delays and more.

Basically, you create a campaign using whichever elements you require. The 360 Automation Manager's editor is a simple drag and drop interface. You select elements you wish to add in, drop them onto the editing field, then move and connect them as needed.

For example, let's say you sell cars. When someone buys a car, you input their information into a list in the 360 Automation Manager. The customer states their preferred method of communication: SMS, email or voice messages. You input the brand of car they bought, and the date, and off they go. You can structure your campaign however you want, so let's say you have set up the platform so it sends the customer a message on their preferred form of communication a month after they bought the car and another message six months after.

Sally has indicated that she prefers to get messages on her mobile, and has also stated that her mother is interested in purchasing a car soon as well. She receives an SMS after a month with a special offer for a family-and-friends discount, and another SMS message in six months alerting her that it is time for an oil change.

Jim, on the other hand, is buying a luxury sports car and says the best way to reach him is by email. He gets an email in a month advertising a package of specialty add-on items like tire shine and in six months he also receives the standard oil change email.

The great thing is, this communication is automatic. Once you create your marketing messages and input the information (for example, customer dates) into the platform, the 360 Automation Manager does all the work for you. Some data is automatically added (for example, data collected from signup forms). The 360 Automation Manager keeps track of dates, preferences and so on. You don't have to remember to contact someone at a certain time, because the platform will communicate with them at the optimal time that you have already specified.

SimplyCast 360 is not intended to replace the important relationship between company and customer. It is meant to simplify your communications so you are able to focus on other areas and save time, effort and your budget. The 360 Automation Manager helps to build and maintain individual customer relationships with targeted messages. Using this tool, anyone is able to conduct fully functioning, comprehensive marketing campaigns. Automating certain communications is a huge time-saver. Any business that deals with multiple clients can benefit from such automation.

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