Marketing Mini Myth: Is Automation Impersonal?

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Everyone seems to think that automation will make communications with customers look cold, robotic and like everyone just receives the same mass email.

This is not the case.

Marketing automation allows you to automatically personalize your communications based on how your customers have engaged with previous communications and on what pages of your website they have visited. Basically, this information is stored in a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and is used to include or exclude content on an individual basis.

Emails with this kind of personalization have a conversion rate 360 percent higher than generic mass emails. And, compared to non-personalized emails, personalized emails generate six times more revenue.

Marketing automation doesn't make your communications robotic. Instead, it allows you to personalize your communications and appeal to customers on an individual basis in ways that would otherwise not be possible.

If you're looking to communicate more directly with customers and increase your bottom line at the same time then marketing automation is the perfect tool for you. After all, personally targeted emails account for 58 percent of all company revenue.

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