How to Keep Students Informed in an Emergency Situation

How to Keep Students Informed in an Emergency Situation

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Keep Students Informed in an Emergency Situation

How do you deal with an emergency situation on a university campus? There are thousands of students in the library, in class and in the cafeteria, more students currently at home or away, and parents and relatives who want to be kept informed. How do you ensure everyone's safety and keep everyone up to date, without taking valuable time away from dealing with the emergency?

Be Fast and Effective: The most efficient way to alert everyone involved and keep students and staff well informed is through automated communication. With an automated solution, you can create emergency communication plans in advance that are ready to go at a moment's notice, or you can create an emergency message when it is needed.

Reach Every Student: Your message will reach thousands of students, staff and family ensuring that everyone can focus on their safety. Messages will be sent through email, voicemail, SMS and even social media in order to ensure that everyone receives the message even if they are not on campus. Send updates when it is safe for students to return to campus and their residences.

Customize Your Messages to Any Emergency Situation: With an immediate emergency, such as a fire or a bomb threat, send out evacuation notices and information on where to go to remain safe. With approaching situations, such as a blizzard warning, send class cancellation details and updates on when classes are scheduled to resume. When facing a potential health hazard, such as the flu that is going around, send messages to remind students of the school health clinic and other health services that the university provides.

Having an efficient emergency communication plan for your university is essential. It can save lives, spread important information and safety tips, and keep your students and staff informed at a difficult time.

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