Key Features of Press Release Submission App

Key Features of Press Release Submission App

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As part of the Version 7.0 of the SimplyCast launch was the much-anticipated addition of a press release submission tool. Why was this added to the all-in-one marketing platform?

Because using press releases as a form of marketing is a great way to open your business to new audiences, generate new leads and improve search ranking results. The reason a lot of businesses don't take advantage of this is the time it takes to do it.

First, you have to find the press release submission sites, create accounts and then one-by-one add your content. If you want to list your press release on hundreds of sites, that is a lot of copy and pasting. Who has the time? Not those doing marketing for their business.

So our service takes away the pain and allows you to submit faster and spread your news much wider.

The press release submission service is currently in beta so there are a few features still to come but we think you are going to love this tool once you give it a try.

Key features of press release submission app

1. Fill in the included fields once and auto-populate each submission form with the click of a button. This includes title, summary, body, keywords, company bio and much more.

2. No need to create accounts for each submission site. By just being logged into your SimplyCast account, you can submit your press release information quickly and without hundreds of individual accounts.

3. New submission sites are always being added and sites that become outdated or don't work, will be removed. Only the best free and paid PR submission sites will be included.

4. Create a user alias that can be used again and again. If you are the person who sends the press releases all the time, this is handy so your contact information is already listed in the system.

5. Keep track of where you have submitted and when you did it. Reports like this can make the process of issuing news releases much easier. No more wondering if you already submitted to a particular site or not.

Like we mentioned, there are many more features coming for this service and we want to hear from you about what features can be included in future releases.

To sign up and try it for yourself, go to our signup page and begin the fun.

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