Key To Success - Tracking Links in Email

Key To Success - Tracking Links in Email

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Do you include links in your email marketing campaigns? Do you add your content to Twitter or Facebook by pasting a URL to your post? The answer is probably yes. But are you tracking how those links are actually doing? Tracking links in email is a vital part of your overall marketing mix because without knowing how great or poorly your links are doing, you can't fully measure your success.

So how do you easily track a link without having the technical skills to do it? The answer is link tracking software. By using the right software, you can really boost the bottom line by addressing what marketing or advertising is actually working. If you are a small business, you can't afford not knowing this piece of information.

With SimplyCast's link tracking service, you can be set up and be tracking links in only a few minutes. The service offers an easy-to-use interface and unlimited customer support if you run into issues.

Tracking links in email seem like it is a very simple step to have as part of your marketing plan. But it is surprising how many businesses don't track how a link does. If saving money is important to your company (it is of course), you have to start tracking the success of your links today. SimplyCast's link tracking service is easy-to-use and will take only minutes to get set up.

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