How to Leverage Association Management Software

How to Leverage Association Management Software

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Association Management Software

In the age of smartphones, social media, and general online connectivity, associations need to be able to connect with members in an interactive and engaging way. Otherwise, they risk losing members, having outstanding fees, and missing valuable feedback.

The fix?

Association management software.

What is Association Management Software?

In short, association management software is any cloud-based solution that helps associations stay connected with their members. These solutions can range in capability from aiding with reminders, providing digital forms, or providing a pipeline view of the membership process — anything an association needs to keep members engaged.

Some associations leverage multiple solutions — one for email, one for SMS, one for social media, one for forms, etc. — to try and engage with their members over multiple channels, but there’s a better way.

All-in-One Association Management Software

An all-in-one association management software solution is the best way for associations to ensure they are engaging their members across all channels. The right all-in-one solution provides access to automated communications over email, SMS, voice, fax, and social media as well as tools for online forms, surveys, and landing pages.

Having all of these tools in one platform reduces the risk of missing a channel while also centralizing all engagement to one platform. Not only does this save time and resources, it also saves associations from managing (and paying!) multiple vendors.

Get the Most out of an All-in-One Association Management Software Solution

With that said, how can associations use an all-in-one association management solution to boost engagement with members while also attracting new members? Here are a few ideas that can be accomplished with the right set of tools.

Automate Association Fee Reminders

Instead of manually reminding members that it’s time to pay their fees, have an automated campaign do it for you. By automating your fee reminders, you’re able to continue to follow up with members until the fee is paid. This can mean weekly reminders via email, SMS, or voice — whatever works for your association.

Provide Engaging Updates

Keep members in the loop with what’s going on at the association with regular updates. With an all-in-one association management solution, associations can create engaging newsletters using a drag-and-drop email editor (no coding knowledge needed!). Then, after updates have been sent, reporting data will be provided so you know exactly who opened your update and who did not.

Have a Multi-Channel Approach

With so many communication options, it can be hard to know which one members prefer. By using an all-in-one association management software solution, you can leverage multiple channels such as email, SMS, voice, fax, and social media to ensure your message is seen by the intended recipient. There is also the option to send only to each recipient’s preferred method of communication automatically.

Gather Valuable Feedback

The key to optimizing your association is gathering feedback from members. And, what more effective way to do this than with online forms and surveys. Instead of relying on paper forms that may or may not be returned, online forms and surveys allow for easy data collection that associations can use to tweak offerings, roadmaps, or any other identified areas.

Have a Membership Overview

An all-in-one association solution should also have access to a CRM (contact relationship manager), which provides a pipeline overview of the membership process. As you have new organizations come to you who are interested in joining your organization, track where they are in your pipeline and see, at a glance, what stage all potential members are in and allocate resources accordingly.

Trigger Communications Based on Action (or Inaction)

With an all-in-one association management software solution, users can create custom communication and engagement campaigns. These campaigns can send targeted communications based on actions taken by leads and members, or they can trigger based on inaction. These campaigns allow associations to target and personalize their communications to the recipient automatically, therefore increasing engagement.

Ready to Try Association Management Software?

SimplyCast’s all-in-one platform can help associations boost engagement with members, save time and resources, and streamline communication processes. If you’re ready to try an all-in-one association management software solution, click the button below to sign up for a 14-day free trial of SimplyCast!


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