Link Tracking: What’s the Average Revenue Per Email Sent?

Link Tracking: What’s the Average Revenue Per Email Sent?

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Revenue generated per email sent shows how successful an email marketing promotion is or isn't.

To Calculate

Take the entire revenue generated from the email marketing campaign and divide the total number of emails delivered (not sent). So, if an email promotion generated $4,000 in total revenue and 20,000 emails were delivered, then each email generated $50 (not bad).

20,000/$4,000 = $50

What does the rate mean?

Clearly, not every single subscriber purchased $50 worth of goodies prompted by your email. What this number does show is the relative value of your entire campaign and what's the generated value of each email sent.


  • Which type of email promotion generated the highest and/or the lowest revenue per email?
  • Is there a correlation between the percentage of new subscribers and the revenue rate?
  • Is there a week or month out of the year that there's a particularly high and/or low rate?

Watch for more tips on link tracking tips and other online strategies in future blogs.

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