Long Term Lead Nurturing: Automated System Benefits

Long Term Lead Nurturing: Automated System Benefits

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Companies want to ensure that their leads are kept up with and contacted on a regular basis. Establishing good relationships is important for businesses, however it can be challenging to manage this process totally manually. There are often a lot of leads to contact and having a staff member individually reach out to each one is not only time consuming, but simply not practical. So how can these companies ensure that their leads are being kept up with, without creating additional work for staff? SimplyCast presents the Long-Term Lead Nurturing use case, designed to help businesses manage lead engagement, and improve relationships within their organization. 

This digital solution makes use of personalized communication automation to provide long term nurturing to leads effectively and with minimal manual work. Automating the long-term nurturing process, minimizing the effort required to nurture leads, and identifying the leads most likely to convert, are all ways that companies can improve their relationships, and create a smoother running system. Contacting leads on a regular basis is often too much to handle completely manually, especially when a company has a higher number of clients. Our solution makes use of three key digital components to streamline lead engagement over time. These include a variety of intake methods such as forms or landing pages, personalized lead messages, and the ability to assess activity and engagement. There are many benefits to opting for a digital alternative, and we are going to discuss our top picks in this blog. 

How the Digital Solution Can Benefit You

SimplyCast predicted the need for a better lead connecting method, which doesn’t take up valuable time from employees. Automation is a great asset to have in this case, as it can take the time-consuming, often tedious tasks, and create a centralized way of performing them and collecting information. By leveraging personalized communication technology, businesses can ensure their leads are kept in contact, and the best possible outcomes are identified. Here are our top three reasons to switch over to an automated lead nurturing system. 

Ensure Leads Receive Outreach

Once the company receives confirmation that a lead has agreed to regular outreach, they can be added to the main list. This list adds them to the long-term nurturing process and ensures that they will be kept in contact with. These leads can also be added through a contact relationship manager interface. The company won’t have to worry about missing a lead, as once they are on the list, they will be a part of the nurturing process. 

Detect Highly Engaged Leads

The system can detect whenever a lead interacts with a message, such as opening an email, or clicking on a link. Once this occurs, their score value can be increased. Once the score value meets a predetermined threshold, the lead can be labeled as a high value lead and added to a sales pipeline. This ensures the sales representatives are aware of who has been interacting with their messages and are highly engaged with the company. 

Centralized Pipeline

All the leads will be stored in a centralized database and added to a pipeline that tracks activity. Since the automated system notes all their engagement, and sends personalized messages, the sales representatives and other staff will have their manual tasks significantly reduced. This allows them time for other tasks, while also ensuring the lead is kept up with, and their information is being collected appropriately. 


Why SimplyCast?

That’s the core of what it takes to create a long-term lead nurturing solution, and it’s only scratching the surface of what is possible when it comes to using digital technology to help businesses operate smoothly. 

The SimplyCast platform is a no-code platform that allows anyone to build and edit their solution. As a result, this solution is fully customizable, it can be tweaked or altered to meet the exact needs of every institution. 

Don’t worry about scalability and security! SimplyCast is an ISO 27001:2013-certified company with data centers in the USA and Canada. This means we can assure you that your confidential data is safe on our secure server and the messages you transmit are completely encrypted. Our platform has the capacity to send 100,000+ messages every hour and allows 10,000+ concurrent sessions. We can also acquire additional gateways and servers if you need them. 

Most importantly, we have a 99.5% minimum uptime. With our solution, you can have peace of mind.


Don’t wait! Our experts are ready to give you a one-on-one demo to explain how this solution works. Let them know you’re looking at UC0000011, Long-Term Lead Nurturing, when your demo begins. 

Simply request a demo by clicking the button below and let us show you how our solution can help you manage your company’s long-term leads more effectively. 


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