Make a Captivating Sign Up Sheet in 5 Minutes

Make a Captivating Sign Up Sheet in 5 Minutes

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Make a Captivating Sign Up Sheet

Making a sign up sheet should be a simple process. If it's getting complicated and taking you a long time, you're probably heading in the wrong direction. We've compiled a few of the best sign up sheet tips to help you simplify the creation process. Oh, and they also enable you to create sign up sheets that will engage and convert your audience.

1. Keep your sign up sheet short. The best sign up sheets ask for only the information they need. Few people will stick around to fill out a long or invasive form.

2. If the sign-up sheet absolutely has to be longer (ask yourself if that's really necessary), tell people up front how long it will take so they can plan accordingly.

3. Focus on form. Keep your sign up sheet design clean and simple, but include your distinct company branding to keep it consistent with your company image.

4. Focus on function. Test to make sure the sign-up sheet works and that the information is being submitted correctly.

5. Keep sign up sheet questions simple, so people immediately understand what you are asking of them.

6. Let people know which questions they are required to answer on the sign-up sheet and which questions are optional.

7. Test the sign up sheet on your computer, your coworker's computer, your phone, your neighbor's phone and so on. The sign-up form should be adaptable to different resolutions and mobile friendly.

8. Ensure that you're clear about what the sign up sheet is for. It may sound silly, but many people fill out lots of forms every day and they may not remember what they signed up for.

9. Ensure that you have a thank you and confirmation message that will appear to people once they have completed the sign up sheet. This lets people know their information has gone through successfully and lets them know that you appreciate them taking the time to fill out the sign up sheet.

These tips should help you create sign up sheets that are simple and effective, whether you're collecting opt-ins for your email newsletter, encouraging people to sign up to your next webinar or trying to get people to participate in a free trial of your service.

Want to make professional sign up sheets easily online? Sign up for a free SimplyCast account and try our tool which helps you create sign up sheets that look great and work flawlessly no matter where you put them. We even have templates that you can use!

A great sign up sheet is just the first step in an effective Customer Flow Communication process. We have a comprehensive automation manager that allows you to automate your entire customer process. It's called SimplyCast 360, and you can sign up for a 14-day free trial.

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