Use Hotel Sales and Marketing Software, Boost Efficiency

Use Hotel Sales and Marketing Software, Boost Efficiency

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Hotel Sales and Marketing Software

 If you have a small staff or you're working with a limited budget, hotel sales and marketing software could be the answer you need to face any promotional challenge.

Even if you have a larger hotel with an established reputation, you're dealing with lots of competition. You need to keep guests coming back year after year, and you also need to attract new guests. Make your marketing seamless and efficient with hotel sales and marketing software.

Attract New Guests on Social Media

Before deciding to visit a hotel, guests will read through your website, look up reviews and check out your social media pages. Social media is a great place to show that your hotel is active. Create a series of posts that will automatically update over time. This enables you to manage your social media pages easily without having to go on every day to post something new. Post photos and videos of your hotel, testimonials from guests, contests to win a free stay or spa service, hotel news and so on. Encourage visitors to share your contest updates with other friends and followers, giving them a chance to win while also spreading your message wider.

Provide Personalized Service During Each Guest's Stay

After each guest checks in, send them a quick email or text message. Let them know about the services you offer, the hours of your restaurant, exciting events in the area, local shops and attractions and any other information that may be relevant during the guests' stay. This creates a personalized touch for guests and shows that you provide more than the average hotel. Just make sure the guest subscribes to receive the message beforehand.

Offer Hotel Messages Throughout the Year

For guests who sign up to receive them, emails or text message campaigns all year round build loyalty and increase the chance that guests will come back to your hotel. Promotions and contests are especially effective. Simply create an email using a pre-made template and schedule it to send out to a list of subscribers at a specific time. Send seasonal emails featuring discounted rates, contests that get guests excited about your hotel and general information that makes it easy for guests to book a room.

Survey Guests to Improve Your Services

Surveys are a very effective way to gain information from your guests. At the end of each guest's stay, include a link to an online survey on their hotel receipt. Offering an incentive for taking the survey increases the chance that more guests will complete it. This could be something like a 20% discount coupon on their next hotel stay, which appears at the end of the survey. Asking guests about their experience enables you to see where you can make improvements and which part of your hotel business you need to focus on. With marketing automation, online survey results are automatically collected and organized. Analyze them regularly to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Try Hotel Sales and Marketing Software for Free

Sign up for a 14 day free trial of our hotel marketing solution. By using marketing automation, you will make your marketing and communication more efficient and also attract more guests. Our friendly and experienced team is always available to give you a one-on-one demo so you can learn more about how the solution works. Click the button below!

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